just haven't been very inspired to take pictures lately. But still enjoying everyone else's beautiful photos!


gary22: you look gorgeous 💋

Posted: 2017 Apr 23 4:29:14 AM

_alessandro_: Lovely portrait my friend!!! Hava a good weekend!!!

Posted: 2017 Apr 23 7:55:27 AM

xfuuury: Very beautiful

Posted: 2017 Apr 24 2:39:11 AM

archer112: Sometimes inspiration disappears, it will come back, love the smile.

Posted: 2017 May 3 4:52:33 AM

lowgonlowpaw: Come on Nancy take a few pics of your beautiful self.

Posted: 2017 May 3 10:41:05 PM

jerry0522: Hi Nancy, I sure miss you and your pics but I understand how you feel. I go through that phase a few times a year. I do appreciate the support you have given me over the years my friend! Hope to see you back soon :)

Posted: 2017 May 7 6:43:56 PM

jerry0522: Oh and you look Fantastic!!!

Posted: 2017 May 7 6:45:08 PM

raj_salecha: Hey

Posted: 2017 May 29 6:57:41 PM

nick1970: Hey Nancy hope you are well 😆

Posted: 2017 Oct 1 8:51:30 PM

piggiedart: Very beautiful

Posted: 2017 Nov 25 12:27:15 AM

Posted: 2017/04/23

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