Welcome to the jung...woods!


spealsycoleman: Wow. so fabulous :):)

Posted: 2015 Mar 11 5:45:42 PM

_marisol: Once again, I was going thru my old pictures and found this. This woods was my detour sometimes when I went to work, and at that time I had the compact camera (fits well in your pocket:) pretty often with me. It was such a fantastic morning, all those lights etc...thanks so much Spealsy :):)

Posted: 2015 Mar 11 9:46:43 PM

defimage2222: Always manage to capture a magical scene with your woodland images Marcia :):):)

Posted: 2015 Mar 11 6:02:01 PM

_marisol: I took this shot some years ago, and at that time I had a Canon PS A590. It´s a compact camera and it´s not as capable than my current compact cam Canon PS G12. So I had quite an effort to get the settings right position, I mean there was lots of lights, mist, shadows etc...luckily for me, I´ve used the manual settings since I started shooting. Thanks Dee :):):)

Posted: 2015 Mar 11 9:57:49 PM

hogman72664: Where's the unicorn, elves etc? Truly magicl :)

Posted: 2015 Mar 11 6:03:42 PM

_marisol: Elves are always everywhere but they don´t show up for all the people, you have to be kind and respect for nature which is their home. I´ve seen them a few times ;) They told me that I´m always welcome because I behave in the forest as it should be, no littering, yelling etc ;D As far as I know, the unicorn was taking a nap. Thanks so much Hog :):)

Posted: 2015 Mar 11 10:12:41 PM
hogman72664: Thanks for the laughs, read your reply after a particularly awful night. You have a delightfully silly sense of humour :):):)

Posted: 2015 Mar 12 3:37:18 AM
_marisol: Haha...just woke up. it´s 6:20am here. Thanks for nice message, it´s a good start for morning:) ...and I´m glad if I got you a little brightened up! :):) ^__^

Posted: 2015 Mar 12 4:21:17 AM

_alessandro_: Great atmosphere! Like a dream. Beautiful colors. Bravissima!

Posted: 2015 Mar 11 6:10:32 PM

_marisol: Grazie mille Ale. Mi è stato chiesto dove l'unicorno è...haha. Avete mai visto l'unicorno Ale? ;)

Posted: 2015 Mar 11 10:17:24 PM
_alessandro_: L'unicorno no! ma una fatina del bosco ci starebbe bene! 😁

Posted: 2015 Mar 12 9:56:35 AM

getglobalized: Just beautiful. Real like those misty blues. So good 😊

Posted: 2015 Mar 11 6:15:16 PM

_marisol: Thanks a lot. Yea, this is a little older image, been cleaning up my laptop´s image files and sometimes you find something interesting. Out of the topic, but today I got my Canon macro 100mm. Oh boy, what a lens! Love it. I´ve took some test shots, and it seems to be work great. When I get the riversing ring I órdered from Ebay I can take shots very close. Think I have to go out tomorrow to take some macro shots :)

Posted: 2015 Mar 11 11:02:23 PM
getglobalized: Yeah look forward to seeing your new macro shots. Have fun experimenting 😊

Posted: 2015 Mar 12 8:03:22 AM

pedro d: Love this!! You created such a magical atmosphere <3

Posted: 2015 Mar 11 6:55:27 PM

_marisol: Used to be I walked thru this woods to work when I worked at another hospital. Quite often I had a compact camera in my pocket, and this morning it paid off. It´s a strange feeling to find these shots after years...my memory cards that were lost if you remember. Thank you :)

Posted: 2015 Mar 12 5:03:56 AM

late_lammas83: Kiva "usva" kuvassa. 😊

Posted: 2015 Mar 11 8:13:37 PM

_marisol: Mä luin ekaks et "kivassa usvassa kuvaaja" ;D No, tavallaan olinkin usvassa...sen ympäröimänä. Tää oli niitä aamuja kun aurinko tavallaan höyrystää ehkä tavallista runsaamman aamukasteen. Nää ei koskaan kestä kauaa, äkkiä aurinko haihduttaa "usvan", eikä silloin enää auta, vaikka kuvaajakin olisi usvassa hehe...cheers! :-)

Posted: 2015 Mar 12 12:54:12 PM
late_lammas83: Hah 😅

Posted: 2015 Mar 12 2:03:13 PM

kmicht: looks lovely and spooky at the same time :)

Posted: 2015 Mar 11 8:44:59 PM

_marisol: Sort of...but I find it´s lovely. It was early morning and I was on the way to work. Had to stop for a moment to admire the view and take a few pictures. The next morning I went to work the same route expecting to see something like that again, but I had to be disappointed. Thanks a lot :)

Posted: 2015 Mar 12 1:12:22 PM

josetxo.rv: Yo lo llamaría, el bosque encantado :-)

Posted: 2015 Mar 11 11:15:03 PM

_marisol: Me gusta tu punto de vista. Alguien comentó que esta imagen se ve un poco espeluznante...no no! Fue una muy hermosa mañana y en el bosque no había nada de miedo. Era una lástima que a toda prisa al trabajo porque me hubiera gustado pasar más tiempo en el bosque. Gracias Jose :):)

Posted: 2015 Mar 13 3:51:03 AM

sunscapes_kbc: So very nice my dear!!! 💐

Posted: 2015 Mar 12 2:08:54 AM

_marisol: Thanks ever so much dear kb. What a pity that I only had a few minutes of time that morning, I was on the way to work and couldn´t stay longer. I´d have really liked to take some more pictures :):)

Posted: 2015 Mar 13 3:59:16 AM

rose: That is so magical, I can almost see an elf peaking out from behind the trees. Hehehe. 😁

Posted: 2015 Mar 12 2:15:43 AM

_marisol: Oh yeah Rose, in a place like imagination always starts to soar. If I wouldn´t have been in a hurry to work I would´ve stayed to admire the work of Mother Nature. Thank you :):)

Posted: 2015 Mar 13 5:40:06 AM

mariacarmen: Puedo sentir la atmósfera de ese lugar,luce increíblemente mágico,los tonos son muy especiales,me encantaaa!!•-•!!

Posted: 2015 Mar 12 4:18:47 AM

_marisol: Gracias amiga. Ooh si! Creo que la atmósfera era exactamente lo que sientes, magnifico ambiente mágico, la luz del sol era tan hermosa! Yo estaba en el camino al trabajo y, ciertamente, los elfos del bosque me observaban desde detrás de los arbustos ;);) (*--*)

Posted: 2015 Mar 13 6:32:44 AM

rovin: Into the woods we go! Great image. :)

Posted: 2015 Mar 12 8:00:47 AM

_marisol: Surely we´ll go into the woods and meet the forest gnomes, respect them, and they are your friends now and always ;D Thanks very much :)

Posted: 2015 Mar 13 6:40:24 AM

anurag644: That's a very cool image.. Relaxing colors.. But I found some noise in it ? Is that the noise or the edit is that way

Posted: 2015 Mar 12 12:12:23 PM

_marisol: There´s not as much noise as it might seem. I´ve removed the noise carefully, but you can´t remove too much, otherwise the picture would look like polished. Also, should take into account that this has been taken by an old compact camera, the model of 2008. They weren´t as capable as the cameras today. However, you´re right, the original file has some noise, but the shooting conditions were quite demanding. Thank you honest feedback :)

Posted: 2015 Mar 12 3:10:04 PM

beloved27050: Amazing capture

Posted: 2015 Mar 12 4:39:44 PM

_marisol: Thanks ever so much dear beloved. Taken years ago with a cmnpact camera. Wish I would have had a better camera, preferably DSLR, and more time because I was going to work when I took this :):)

Posted: 2015 Mar 13 6:44:31 AM

needlemilton: you love cold pics !! :D

Posted: 2015 Mar 14 3:28:03 AM

_marisol: I find this ain´t a cold pic, but guess it´s a matter of taste! :D

Posted: 2015 Mar 14 7:57:27 AM

needlemilton: Yeah, I think is a terror forest ...

Posted: 2015 Mar 14 8:10:59 PM

_marisol: Yea, it´s pretty obvious :D

Posted: 2015 Mar 16 11:46:10 PM

there is no countrie: Wonderfull 🌑🌓🌔🌕

Posted: 2015 Mar 15 2:18:44 PM

_marisol: Thank you so much :):)

Posted: 2015 Mar 16 11:45:41 PM

dario32464: Cool

Posted: 2015 Mar 24 3:31:19 PM

dilson luis treib: It seems to be a very relaxing place to be.

Posted: 2015 Oct 18 11:47:37 PM

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