For Marisol, today I drove past the place where you took your thistle shots last autumn (or summer?). I just thought if you'd like to see them. Sorry for the bad quality, needed to take a shot with my phone and was rainy and windy.


spealsycoleman: Superb :):)

Posted: 2015 Dec 3 10:02:24 PM

timozeus: Thanks. Appreciate it 😊

Posted: 2015 Dec 5 11:39:50 PM

_marisol: Oh wow gracias Timo! What a lovely gesture from you. They seem somehow sad, and I´m not surprised, the weather seems to be a very gray. Fabuloso:)

Posted: 2015 Dec 3 10:55:39 PM

timozeus: No, pidin sinun kuvista jotka otit näistä. Ja tiedän, että näit vaivaa niiden eteen. Pikkujuttuhan tämä oli, ole hyvä 😊

Posted: 2015 Dec 5 11:42:52 PM

ttomzz: ...most excellent, seeing the thistle again!!! 😎

Posted: 2015 Dec 4 10:33:19 PM

timozeus: I agree with you Sir! Hope she'll take more photos of them next summer. Thanks 😎

Posted: 2015 Dec 5 11:38:58 PM

hogman72664 or david: That is one very famous thistle by now, at least in FR. :)

Posted: 2015 Dec 19 3:49:43 AM

Posted: 2015/12/03

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