A'dam has it's "Lightfestival" with many illuminated creations all over the inner city..here a quick nighty shot of one #amsterdam #lightfestival2016


hogman72664 or david: Looks like a fantastic thing to see. Love the green on the water. :)

Posted: 2016 Jan 31 4:18:06 PM

jj*: Oh yes hogman...it's sure a cool event and at it's best on evenings!..yet, I had to miss out on seeing many of them..also, taking this shot had been almost impossible because of frickin' cold fingers! :-))

Posted: 2016 Jan 31 11:51:49 PM

spealsycoleman: Fabulous :):)

Posted: 2016 Jan 31 9:20:48 PM

jj*: Oh thanks dear spealsy...it had been that cold after midnight I couldn't manage taking a beter shot :-))

Posted: 2016 Jan 31 11:53:47 PM

_marisol: Intriguing and stunning reflection. About your question, you can print the image by using a screenshot button :D Take i.e. 5-7 shots, then merge them into a single image of the software which supports this function. It makes the quality of a lot better. Used to be you were able to download the image only by clicking the right mouse button, but not anymore :)

Posted: 2016 Feb 3 9:57:52 PM

jj*: Hello Marcia...thanks for your answer & sorry for replying just now..:-)...that's cool...yet were do I find a screenshot button?...also too bad I can't find more time for being on FR more often...also it's mostly too grey & cold over here for taking pictures..:-)...hey, as FR updated to WIN10 meanwhile...now as the pics are displayed so big...many are lacking in quality?...also the updated FR desktop version for WIN10 is a horror to use...what happened?

Posted: 2016 Mar 18 2:22:36 PM

_marisol: Uhm, I´m not using WIN10, simply because it s! I used it for a week last AUG, but that was enough for me and I went back to 8.1 which I like and know well. Screenshots...if you´re using a laptop, it´s the key called "prt sc", you´ll find it above the arrow key, right next to delete-key. Just press it,

Posted: 2016 Mar 22 12:19:21 PM

_marisol: ...haha, "simply because it su.c.ks!!"

Posted: 2016 Mar 22 12:20:15 PM
_marisol: and the screenshot is saved to the photo folder. It may work the same way with the desktop keyboard. If you want to do it by phone, press the power+ key and the start key at the same time, and that´s it. That´s how it works in my Lumia 925, but I think the method is pretty much the same with all brands...hope so!! 😊

Posted: 2016 Mar 22 12:22:14 PM
jj*: Hola Marcia...hopefully you had been off work thru the Easter days & had gotten many Easter eggs too :-)...also thanks for answering!!..yeah, you're right..WIN10 ed in the beginning...and still a bit with the apps...yet, after the latest system update it's works really well on my laptop...really stable now and much better than everything Microsoft before..:-)

Posted: 2016 Mar 30 12:56:40 PM
jj*: Yet the FR desktop app for WIN10 s & is one big mess..and I can't get in & out the several screens!..pfff :-)...thanks again for the hints!...I found the print screen key on the laptop keyboard..:-)..now let me see if I can do this on my old HTC Trophy smartphone..:-)

Posted: 2016 Mar 30 1:02:31 PM

Posted: 2016/01/31

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