Yeah I'm a bit weird, I'm a huge dork. Obsessed with star wars and lord of the rings, I spend most of my time modeling and playing COD, my favorite food is pizza, I like all music, my favorite bands at the moment are twenty one pilots and cannible corpse. I love Comic books. I love batman but I believe he would loose in a fight with superman. I love to skateboard and longboard. I play guitar, piano, and I sing. Good music never gets old. And I love led zeppelin. Yes I'm single. I hate long distance relationships. I live in Florida. I personally know alot of bands (even before most were famous) I'm German. And I'm randomly writing about myself to help yall get to know me better. I'm random. I love PC gaming, I love snakes , bearded dragons (her name is nubs) , and pandas. I'm learning to DJ. And I guess that's it. 😜 so you pretty much know me now


xshady: down to play cod sometime? :)

Posted: 2016 Mar 3 8:38:52 AM

bringmethehoriz0n_: Sure I'm down

Posted: 2016 Mar 3 9:52:57 AM

jjanner: Thank you for your great photos! Where in Florida are you? I'm in Weston.

Posted: 2016 Mar 3 11:11:44 AM

xshady: What console do you play on?

Posted: 2016 Mar 3 5:42:49 PM

will-d-newton: Nice portraits!!! And not weird @ all. Pretty awesome on the things you like.

Posted: 2016 Mar 3 9:14:34 PM

bringmethehoriz0n_: Thanks London and I play on Xbox 360 Xbox one ps3 ps4

Posted: 2016 Mar 3 9:33:09 PM

xshady: Damn lol ok. Add me on ps4? Psn is illster-

Posted: 2016 Mar 4 2:05:34 AM

Posted: 2016/03/03

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