17th March is a #BLACK DAY of my Life.I lost my father 6 years ago.He had gifted this watch to me.Its been so lonely & hard to live a life without you.Yes You were my world.I thank you so much for teaching me such great values of life..you gave everything except a little more years to live with you.I Miss you so much..Love you Dad!! #RIP


spealsycoleman: So sorry for your loss. It is not easy to get used to the loss of a parent. A great tribute to him from you x

Posted: 2016 Mar 18 6:38:04 AM

hemant k: Thanks for your kind comments Spealsy..& I am sorry for replying so late..was just out of my mind..

Posted: 2016 Jun 19 10:37:36 PM

charmychelle: Much love and strength, it's a great tribute to your dad. ❤ xxx

Posted: 2016 Mar 18 10:19:49 AM

hemant k: Thank you dear Charmy, I am sorry for replying so late...just came back to FR after a long time...

Posted: 2016 Jun 19 10:38:58 PM

hemant k
Posted: 2016/03/17

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