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paul7054: I guess you would like a daughter? I have two sons😊

Posted: 2016 May 9 10:06:39 PM

shrishti gupta: Yeah!😊 But I want 1 girl & 1 boy too. Oh so sweet, how old are they?😍 I guess they must be small kids?

Posted: 2016 May 11 10:03:26 AM

harry102764: matching matching.....daughter look like you...cant say about mom..

Posted: 2016 May 11 2:32:52 AM

shrishti gupta: Yup Harry!😊 Oh really? Daughter really looks like me?😱😝 Haha, lol... :D Ty!☺

Posted: 2016 May 11 10:07:58 AM

paul7054: I wish they were young as that would mean i was!! They are 33and28!! Both married but no grand children yet! Looking forward to them😊😍

Posted: 2016 May 11 12:49:57 PM

shrishti gupta: Oh wow! I thought they are small kids.😊 How old are you? My best wishes are always with your sweet family. Hope you'll get your grand child soon.☺

Posted: 2016 May 12 3:06:23 PM

harry102764: Ktni khushi mili na apni praise sun kar...how selfish you are..shame shame

Posted: 2016 May 11 11:54:09 PM

shrishti gupta: Shame for what? What's wrong with you? Are you mad harry? What do you mean? I'm not selfish! You only said that the daughter look like me,

Posted: 2016 May 12 9:06:21 AM
shrishti gupta: So I replied your comment! That's it! It's not my fault!

Posted: 2016 May 12 9:14:21 AM
shrishti gupta: It was your choice to make comment on this pic not mine! So better mind your business!!

Posted: 2016 May 12 9:28:44 AM

shrishti gupta: And by the way meri khushi se tumhe kya prob hai yar? Who the hell are you to say like that? How could someone think like that?

Posted: 2016 May 12 9:29:30 AM

harry102764: Jai mata di

Posted: 2016 May 12 12:23:58 PM

shrishti gupta: Answer me harry?

Posted: 2016 May 12 2:37:31 PM

harry102764: Are Baba apne mera comment ko wrongly le Lia..mre khne ka mtlb tha k mom ko v beautiful blna tha..aap bs apnni praise pe khush ho ge..ye ni bla mmy

Posted: 2016 May 13 12:03:11 AM

shrishti gupta: Maine galat nahi liya... You didn't mention over there ki tumne kis liye aisa kaha? Aur tumhare ka matlab main kaise janungi you should've mentioned!

Posted: 2016 May 13 7:16:00 AM
shrishti gupta: Bolne*

Posted: 2016 May 13 7:18:10 AM
shrishti gupta: Yeah, mom is also very beautiful but this pic is about mom or daugher love. So for me both are very beautiful &. There is no comparison between them.

Posted: 2016 May 13 7:20:28 AM
shrishti gupta: Anyways, let it be! But you told me shame n selfish. It was not fare. :/

Posted: 2016 May 13 7:25:44 AM

harry102764: Mmy v sundar hai

Posted: 2016 May 13 12:03:38 AM

harry102764: Mitti pao ab

Posted: 2016 May 13 7:49:10 AM

shrishti gupta: Yeah yeah! 😏😜😝

Posted: 2016 May 18 9:23:07 PM

shrishti gupta
Posted: 2016/05/09

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