#Canon #RoseDistrict A new water pad for the kids to play in.


_alessandro_: Hi Rose!!! Congrats For this beautiful photo!!! Great work! I hope you're ok!!!πŸ™†

Posted: 2016 Sep 25 9:40:56 PM

rose: Thank you Fhotoroom is acting up on me. Not sure who this reply is going to. And it posted my pic twice.

Posted: 2016 Sep 27 2:28:24 AM

defimage2222: This is great...got a ghostly feel about this...,and a futuristic image,:):):)😊

Posted: 2016 Sep 25 11:38:58 PM

rose: Thanks Dee. It's to bad it was finished just in time for fall weather. Soon it will be to cold for playing in the water. :)

Posted: 2016 Sep 28 2:14:05 AM

kanleyhk: Good morning rose and have a great day ^^

Posted: 2016 Sep 26 12:16:21 AM

rose: Good morning Kanley! :)

Posted: 2016 Sep 28 2:15:38 AM

mariacarmen: ohh... that fantastic and fun place, looks very good night with all those lights, seems that there are small statues brilliant in it😁

Posted: 2016 Sep 26 1:59:06 AM

rose: Thank you Maria, it does look like fun. I wanted to splash around in it myself. :)

Posted: 2016 Sep 28 2:17:20 AM

soderhol: Interesting place really and nice photo Rosie.

Posted: 2016 Sep 26 6:22:46 AM

rose: Thank you Soderhol. :)

Posted: 2016 Sep 28 2:17:56 AM

Posted: 2016/09/25

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