If Mr. Wildboar is too noisy, just make a painting out of him... :D Just sitting in my dorm room, getting ready for tomorrow's math exam. Yes, I know that I promised two more bird shots, but I was stupid enough to permanently erease it on Friday, when I cleaned up some space for more pictures. Fortunately enough I had the .arw files on my camera, so I just have to re-edit them, which will not happen any time soon, because of more tests I have later on this week. I hope everybody is doing awesome, I had a lot of fun taking this picture yesterday! :D Talk to you all soon!!! Take care!!! CHEERS!!! -HUNter295-


spealsycoleman: Awesome. Well done :):)

Posted: 2016 Nov 20 9:50:53 PM

_alessandro_: Hey David ... good luck for the math exam !!! Beautiful work!

Posted: 2016 Nov 20 10:22:35 PM

bigfarmer: Success with your math exam Hunter! I like your pictures and clicked Follow as well 😊

Posted: 2016 Nov 24 2:14:27 PM

subject 295
Posted: 2016/11/20

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