This is another of my images captured by the Solarisation technique. I made exposures For capturing this photo ,that is shortly before sunrise, two seconds. As you know, This happens a few minutes before sunrise in some situation .This photo captures in Kish Iland (in the south of Iran) in August.The severity of air humidity was so high that everything was wet, even my photography equipment. I had to dry the lens many times. But this humidity helped me to capture this image. And Also it caused to see hardly the refraction of sunlight before rising in the sky.


robert m jacob: wow very nice halo ,nice shot

Posted: 2016 Dec 10 1:29:54 AM

ttomzz: ...incredible image!!!

Posted: 2016 Dec 10 4:13:35 AM

_alessandro_: Wow!!! Amazing image;!!!

Posted: 2016 Dec 10 8:19:37 AM

buzby7464: Wow,I'm stunned, this is mesmerizing, I love it!! Lolxxx

Posted: 2016 Dec 21 12:12:46 AM

bigfarmer: I think this image was absolutely worth your effort!!

Posted: 2016 Dec 30 4:59:43 PM

corssaro: Goto spettacolare incredible photo!

Posted: 2017 Dec 8 7:42:33 AM

Posted: 2016/12/09

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