He who has not Christmas in his heart will never find it under a tree.


_alessandro_: Beautiful Christmas corner!!!😜

Posted: 2016 Dec 12 7:26:39 AM

nancy1719: Thank you.

Posted: 2016 Dec 12 11:51:53 PM

lowgonlowpaw: Beautiful tree good job

Posted: 2016 Dec 12 2:23:26 PM

nancy1719: Thank you

Posted: 2016 Dec 12 11:52:03 PM

jerry0522: Such an amazing image Nancy and I love your tree! :):)

Posted: 2016 Dec 12 3:49:09 PM

nancy1719: Thank you Jerry. But the skirt under the tree is crooked that is what I notice the most

Posted: 2016 Dec 12 11:53:45 PM
nancy1719: Not crooked but its not perfectly center... Eeeek its safe to say I might have a little problem with ocd

Posted: 2016 Dec 12 11:56:37 PM

jerry0522: I think we all do to some degree or another. For me it is crooked horizons haha but the crooked skirt works for me😊

Posted: 2016 Dec 13 1:03:21 AM

nancy1719: I say a little but its actually a lot, lol.

Posted: 2016 Dec 13 1:09:40 AM

jerry0522: It really is a great image and I enjoyed looking at it😊 thank you for sharing.

Posted: 2016 Dec 13 1:18:00 AM

nancy1719: Awww well you are welcome :) and thank you!

Posted: 2016 Dec 13 1:39:37 AM

bigfarmer: Beautiful words Nancy and a lovely Christmas feel to this picture.

Posted: 2016 Dec 17 8:40:39 AM

nancy1719: Thank you 😊

Posted: 2016 Dec 17 12:07:06 PM

fernanda serrador: Lida e fofa

Posted: 2017 Jan 11 6:01:29 PM

Posted: 2016/12/12

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