An idyllic alley in Corleone, isn´t it beautiful?


_marisol: Voi...kun on ihana!! Onko tuossa vuorenrinne heti tuon matalan aidan (hmm) takana??? Todella ihana! Rakastan tämmösiä idyllisiä pikkukaupunkeja. Lähdetääs salaa joku päiv...shhh!!! :D:D

Posted: 2016 Dec 15 10:49:30 PM

miamacabre: Joo, siinä on jyrkkä rinne. Voi mitkä maisemat...tuonne mä lähden vielä, ja sä tuut mukaan tai raahaan sit väkisin 🤓

Posted: 2016 Dec 21 9:54:48 PM

_alessandro_: It 's really a little gem!

Posted: 2016 Dec 15 11:03:22 PM

miamacabre: Isn't it? And It's in your country. Though I know it's a big difference between south and north Italy. Yes, this distinction has been attempted smooth in recent years which is good. Grazie! ☺

Posted: 2016 Dec 21 9:59:16 PM
_alessandro_: Let's say that there are villages like this, try to see this, so you get an idea of what is in Friuli, from Roman ruins, like Aquileia, the medieval village as Venzone, completely rebuilt after the earthquake, or this quaint village, Poffabro, and more!

Posted: 2016 Dec 21 10:31:44 PM

bigfarmer: Just wonderful!

Posted: 2016 Dec 16 10:45:52 PM

miamacabre: Yes, it is. Thanks!

Posted: 2016 Dec 21 10:00:05 PM

robert m jacob: lovely place

Posted: 2016 Dec 17 2:02:20 AM

miamacabre: Definitely! Tried to look for the ghost of Vito, but couldn't find any. Maybe he was busy at the moment 😀

Posted: 2016 Dec 21 10:02:30 PM

Posted: 2016/12/15

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