Walked a lot so now is the time for me to rest my legs...hope you enjoyed my Sicilia trip and also hope to see you soon. Meanwhile, Merry Christmas! πŸŽ…πŸŽ…πŸŽ„πŸŽ„


_alessandro_: But maybe you have not walked a lot !!! Your feet do not even have a bladder!!! Merit of running shoes ??? Ahaha!!! I wish you a Merry Christmas and your family!!! Again, congratulations on all your great photos!!!

Posted: 2016 Dec 15 11:12:25 PM

miamacabre: Uhh...men! πŸ™„ What can I say? My feet where in trouble. But never mind... I'm so glad you liked my. Pictures. I think I'll move Italy when I retire, no, I'll do that before I retire 😁 maybe we are neighbors in the future πŸ˜€ what a mess 😁 grazie mille!

Posted: 2016 Dec 15 11:54:51 PM
miamacabre: Damn, it, I hate this auto text input 😫

Posted: 2016 Dec 15 11:56:30 PM
_alessandro_: Haha !!! It would be great !!! But I am already under the ground !!! Well you bring me flowers! Ahahaahah

Posted: 2016 Dec 15 11:58:58 PM
miamacabre: Please don't give me that mumbojumbo baloney 😦 you are high spirited old guy when I move to Italy, then you tell me nice stories on your terrace what italy was like when you were young man πŸ‘¨ prefer to think that the glass is half full 😘

Posted: 2016 Dec 16 2:22:50 AM
_alessandro_: Ahaha!!!!😁 Done deal! I really like this idea!!! πŸ‘Œ

Posted: 2016 Dec 16 12:11:55 PM

ttomzz: ...hehe, nothing a gentle massage wouldn't cure!!! Have a Great Holiday, M'lady...😎

Posted: 2016 Dec 16 12:54:59 AM

miamacabre: Well...a very gentle massage and then you know what...that'll help for sure 😊

Posted: 2016 Dec 19 9:33:57 AM

bill_brasil: Very beautiful photos, but wonderful and sexy feet. I wish if I could kiss them to your pleasure 😍

Posted: 2016 Dec 16 4:29:58 AM

miamacabre: Thanks bill. Think I next head to Brazil haha πŸ˜†

Posted: 2016 Dec 19 9:36:42 AM

_alessandro_: Dear Mia, I wish you and your family a peaceful and happy Merry Christmas!!! πŸŽ„ πŸŽ…πŸŽ€ Thanks for everything!!!

Posted: 2016 Dec 18 1:02:45 PM

miamacabre: Caro Alex, thanks for your wonderful friendship. I'm staying quite a lot on background here, but I always check your (and Mari's) photos. Now I have a new camera and hope I can get find some time to take and share pictures, maybe it's a legs pic time soon 😊 Buon Natale anche a te! A few more visit to Italy and I'll speak proper good Italian, Mari promised to help me to learn. Buonasera and kisses to Brill 😘

Posted: 2016 Dec 19 6:59:25 PM
_alessandro_: Thanks so much treasure! You have seen that I left you my email? Your images are always bevenute, whatever they are, and your friendship and that of Mari, it is very important to me! Good news of Mari? Today I was all day at the thought! I thank you for your kindness and thoughtfulness! You're a very good girl !!! Uauf ... Uauf ... slurp slurp... Brill reciprocate the kiss!! ;)))

Posted: 2016 Dec 19 7:30:27 PM
_alessandro_: Surely with Mari teachings and your experience, you do some beautiful pictures!!! Do not wait to admire them!!! The photos that you have made in Sicily are really nice, and the locations are beautiful!!! You really talented !!! I wish you all the best in the world, dear friend!!!

Posted: 2016 Dec 19 7:37:21 PM

_fredy: πŸ™‹Hi Mia!!My congratulations for your beautiful photo series from Sicily😍also included with thisπŸ‘£...πŸŽ…Merry ChristmasπŸŽ… to you Mia and all your family!!!

Posted: 2016 Dec 25 11:28:23 PM

_alessandro_: Hello Mia! I hope you and your family, you all had a Merry Christmas! Good continuation of the holidays!!! The Mari photos has really excited me!!!

Posted: 2016 Dec 27 11:40:20 AM

_alessandro_: My dear friend, I want to wish you a great 2017! Full of so many beautiful things and satisfactions!!! Happy New Year!!! πŸŽ†πŸŽ‡πŸŽ‰πŸ’–

Posted: 2016 Dec 28 12:28:18 PM

_fredy: β›„ Happy ❄ New ❄ Year β›„ my β™‘ dear β™‘ friend!!! I wish you πŸ” 2017 !!!! [-.-]

Posted: 2017 Jan 2 6:30:00 AM

_alessandro_: Hello Mia! It is a bit 'that we do not feel! I know that you are very busy, but I just want to send a greeting! πŸ™†

Posted: 2017 Feb 10 8:20:18 PM

_alessandro_: Spero che tu stia bene!!! 😘

Posted: 2017 Feb 10 8:20:45 PM

_alessandro_: Happy Valentine day!!!πŸ™‹

Posted: 2017 Feb 14 12:55:31 PM

_alessandro_: Happy women's day, Mia! I know you read the message! I hope you are well, and I wish you many beautiful things! Ciaooo, spero di rivederti!

Posted: 2017 Mar 7 11:16:26 PM

_fredy: Hi πŸ™‹ Mia!!! I hope you are healthy and happy and to look after yourself !!☺ Happy Women's Day πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’

Posted: 2017 Mar 8 10:21:08 PM

Posted: 2016/12/15

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