Cassia fistula or the golden rain tree, from Morro da Urca. It only blooms during summer. In Brazil, some believe that throwing its flowers into the sea on New Year's Eve brings good luck to accomplish our goals for the next year. A great 2017 for everyone!!


photo bee: What a lovely tradition. Happy New Year. 😊

Posted: 2017 Jan 3 3:27:22 AM

fprider: Thanks photo bee! A Happy New Year for you!

Posted: 2017 Jan 4 1:06:39 PM

mariacarmen: ohhh,,awesome👌👌 that interesting!!...It's a beautiful paradise💖 please throws some flowers for my.hehe🙌😄😄

Posted: 2017 Jan 3 4:14:12 AM

fprider: Thanks for your words, Maria! Happy you like it! This time, I couldn't take some flowers, it may not look like in the photo, but it's a busy tourist spot and there were only a few flowers, people would be really mad at me hahahah!  But I actually have this tree in my family's old house, if was there, I could really have done that for you!

Posted: 2017 Jan 4 1:46:51 PM

spealsycoleman: Wonderful pic and a great good luck notion. Happy New Year my friend xx :):)

Posted: 2017 Jan 3 6:10:14 AM

fprider: Thanks very much speasly!😁 Glad you appreciated it! And a Happy New Year for you, too!

Posted: 2017 Jan 4 1:55:42 PM

laura andre: Definitely one of my favorite pictures this is. Beautiful!

Posted: 2017 Jan 5 5:19:46 PM

fprider: Thanks Laura! Glad to know that!

Posted: 2017 Jan 6 5:47:17 PM

Posted: 2017/01/03

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