the moon was so pretty last night, I had to sit and wait for some clouds to move along but I'm proud of this! so glad I got a new camera 👍😀 #Moon #Canon #Powershot #Proud


charmychelle: Oh W👁W that's fantastic, well done!! 🙆👏👏👏

Posted: 2017 Jan 12 1:14:20 PM

j a n i n e: thank you 😊 waited ages to try this out lol!!

Posted: 2017 Jan 14 1:58:59 PM

defimage2222: Great job on this Janine..,turned out really well :)

Posted: 2017 Jan 12 6:28:35 PM

j a n i n e: thank you!! still learning but I feel this isn't so bad since I don't even own a

Posted: 2017 Jan 14 1:59:47 PM

bigfarmer: SX 60 HS working very nicely Janine! Great shot!!

Posted: 2017 Jan 12 10:22:47 PM

j a n i n e: thanks 😊 hopefully I'll get the time to capture more moon shots 👍

Posted: 2017 Jan 14 2:00:31 PM

shamimptv: Nice moon

Posted: 2017 Jan 15 6:38:48 AM

dollhousestrong: #afterhours

Posted: 2017 Apr 14 3:30:27 PM

j a n i n e
Posted: 2017/01/12

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