Reflections. It´s actually a test shot as it was taken with my macro lens (canon 135mm) over the lake Tuusula, but I think it turned out pretty nicely so I´ll share it. Just got home from my former hometown and there was a thick fog all around the city. After a long time I got whole bunch of fog photos but haven´t yet edited them, not even checked out what I got. Hope I can share a few of them later. Happy weekend! 💜


spealsycoleman: I loooooove it.... wow macro lens. I'm impressed. Awesome fabulous colours and happy weekend xx:):)

Posted: 2017 Jan 27 10:05:43 PM

_marisol: Yep, the lake is long but quite narrow, think this is one of the narrowest part of the lake and I set the focus to infinity and then just took a shot. My main macro lens is my 100mm Canon, I´ve taken pretty much all my flower pics with my 100mm. This 135mm is a bit different, a little newer and the focus range is narrower but the image quality is brilliant. Next summer I´ll try it with flowers, I´ve never done it before with this lens. Many thanks Spealsy,. Spend a great weekend! 💜💜💜

Posted: 2017 Jan 28 1:34:43 AM

phil7264: Jag älskar färgerna, reflektionen gör det en vacker scen Mari, gorgeous, have a great weekend ☺😘

Posted: 2017 Jan 27 10:50:47 PM

puma.luca: Amo questi colori, le tonalità, le luci e i riflessi nell'acqua. Bravissima!😊

Posted: 2017 Jan 27 11:58:42 PM
_marisol: ag är glad att du gillar efterdanke. I like it too. That´s why I wanted to test how well I could capture it with my 135mm macro lens about 150 meters away. Thanks Phil. Have a great weekend you too :)

Posted: 2017 Jan 28 7:49:51 PM

hogman72664: As gorgeous as it gets. A test shot, really.

Posted: 2017 Jan 27 11:59:13 PM

_marisol: I was shooting something quite else so I only had my 135mm macro lens with me. Then just before I left I got the idea to test how well I could capture with my macro lens the reflection on the opposite shore, about 150 meters away from me. I set the focus to infinity, then took a shot. I´ve taken similar shots on this same lake before, then I used my 70-200mm lens, now that I have a Canon 400mm, it might work better on this narrow lake...well, maybe the distance should be longer for 400mm lens. I´ll find out as soon as I have time to test it. Thanks a lot!

Posted: 2017 Jan 28 8:06:49 PM

ednyc74: very cool

Posted: 2017 Jan 28 2:45:33 AM

_marisol: Thanks so much Ed! Feliz finde :)

Posted: 2017 Jan 28 8:08:10 PM

rovin: This is amazing. I'm excited to see your fog photos.

Posted: 2017 Jan 28 6:58:18 AM

_marisol: My fog photos...kinda disappointing. I was on my way home and already felt tired. Took them around 10-11pm, and I had about a 90min drive to home. But glad you like´s really a test shot, 135mm macro worked pretty nicely. I´d love to take some snow photos but the thing is that we have no snow hehe...just came home from the archipelago and heard that you should drive 20-30km to the north or north-east, there´s some snow, but not here on the coast. Not look so wintery here. Thanks!

Posted: 2017 Feb 3 3:00:19 PM

pikica ^_^: Great reflection 😉😍 And happy weekend to you too!❤

Posted: 2017 Jan 28 8:02:50 AM

_marisol: Yeah, it turned out much better than I was kinda surprise to me as I took the photo with one of my macro lens. A bit late reply, but just the right timing to wish you back a happy weekend 😊😊 Thanks so much! 💜💜

Posted: 2017 Feb 3 3:05:37 PM

soderhol: Sumuista viikonvaihdetta kuvien parissa.

Posted: 2017 Jan 28 12:49:54 PM

ttomzz: ...excellent (test) shot!!! The reflections are superb, nice work...😎

Posted: 2017 Jan 28 2:55:24 PM

jerry0522: Now that is a beauty Marcia! This is exactly why I love shooting in the dark :) Have a happy weekend!

Posted: 2017 Jan 28 3:49:00 PM

_alessandro_: Ehiiiii..... E questa??? In perfetto stile Marcia!!! Wow!!! Che contrasto di colori!!! Adoro questo stile!!! Grandiosa!!! Happy weekend!!!

Posted: 2017 Jan 28 5:21:15 PM

mystmr61164: Love the colors!

Posted: 2017 Jan 28 8:21:56 PM

gerrit seigers: Perfect done.

Posted: 2017 Jan 28 8:47:56 PM

defimage2222: Great result with a macro lens...,you could have fooled me that this was a test shot...,I think its amazing 😊

Posted: 2017 Jan 30 3:57:23 PM

mlattier33: The reflection is beautiful

Posted: 2017 Feb 2 7:54:52 PM

maxmaksx: Amazing reflection! 😍👌👍👏🔝

Posted: 2017 Feb 23 12:15:08 AM

tapash420: Nice

Posted: 2017 Mar 29 1:43:47 PM

rollynsan: Awesome

Posted: 2017 Dec 4 6:08:45 AM

gloria siess: sheer magic!!

Posted: 2017 Dec 4 11:52:07 PM

Posted: 2017/01/27

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