Well, this is me before summer 2016..a time I could not do much, as I broke my left under arm in May...also I had not been able to pick up my bass! :-(


mariacarmen: 😱Auchhhh .. Friend I hope now you are better and you can play the bass again, take care of JJ ..Good was left 😁glad to see you🙌

Posted: 2017 Feb 7 8:42:55 PM

jj*: Hola Maria...yes, I'm much better meanwhile and only sometimes little pain...haha, lucky enough I still got enough hair! :-)))...Gracias amiga & have a nice weekend!..it's snowing today :-)

Posted: 2017 Feb 11 3:20:43 PM

_alessandro_: I hope you're better now. And you've started to play your bass!!!🙌

Posted: 2017 Feb 7 9:24:49 PM

jj*: Thank you Alessandro!...yes I'm quite okay meanwhile & can play my basses again!..have a nice weekend! :-)

Posted: 2017 Feb 11 3:22:13 PM

karin :): Arme jij JJ , nu weer helemaal opgeknapt?

Posted: 2017 Feb 7 11:24:50 PM

jj*: Dankje Karin!...yep, gelukkig weer wel!...alleen nog af en toe pijn tijdens het bass spelen.:-)...heb jij ook sneeuw vandaag?...'n goed weekend voor je!

Posted: 2017 Feb 11 3:24:40 PM

nichol_victoria: Poor man

Posted: 2017 Feb 8 8:06:58 AM

jj*: Thank you Victoria...well, I'm quite okay again these days! :-)

Posted: 2017 Feb 11 3:25:47 PM

charmychelle: Aww...well I hope you're doing much better now! All the very best my friend! 😎✌️🎸🎵

Posted: 2017 Feb 9 7:54:27 AM

jj*: Thank you dear charmy!..yes, I'm doing much better these days..with only little pain sometimes!..have a nice weekend!! :-) X

Posted: 2017 Feb 11 3:27:21 PM

defimage2222: Hope your bass arm recover's soon jj...dam...,😊

Posted: 2017 Feb 12 10:35:14 PM

jj*: Thanks defimage...thank god it is that meanwhile! :-)

Posted: 2017 Apr 24 11:09:21 PM

juicyxox: Ouch when I broke my arm I thought I was going to throw up

Posted: 2017 Feb 16 8:49:20 PM

jj*: Thanks juicy...hopefully your arm is well again meanwhile..like mine is that! :-)

Posted: 2017 Apr 24 11:08:06 PM

soderhol: Bad for quitar playing....

Posted: 2018 Jan 2 5:12:41 PM

Posted: 2017/02/07

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