One day we 'll forget the hurt and the reason why "we" cried We will forgive the ones who caused a pain And we will finally realize that the secret of being free in not trough revenge but by letting things happen in their own space and time ... After all,what matters most is not the FIRST but the LAST chapter of our lives,wich show how well we ran our HUMAN RACE ~~~ So Smile,Laugh,Forgive,Believe and #love !!!! Over and Over Again ... ~Selavi~ this is only #me in #circle with beautiful #souls... Happy week dear friends and others gorgeously people ✌ 😃 🙌 .... !!!


even-i.n: I must say something about this post.I posted this if i decide to change profile pick,i don't know yet because i shot in me with phone and front camera with only 5mp at the end i express and say something on a global connection,pure inspiration,maybe mistake,maybe not...But i know the reason and u all dear friends and to others also dear people in this big family :) everyone can judge me :) Maybe i say more than usual i don't know !!!! Love you all and have a super great week,mounts,years etc .....

Posted: 2017 Feb 23 11:05:55 AM

Posted: 2017/02/20

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