Not edited form with Canon and that was a blessing moment for me with this #sunrise #sky #clouds and #nature...


_alessandro_: Wow!!! Stunning!!!

Posted: 2017 Feb 22 12:24:13 PM

even-i.n: Thanks dear friend,I forget to say more about this view and pixels... This was a spontaneously moment and in that moment i take a shot with only 12mp and without any objective,i didnt whant to edit nothingbut never mind,and view is looking in the Mountain that many people know ... Mountain Rtanj it's very special and specific place,once again I'm glad you like it... !!!

Posted: 2017 Feb 23 10:07:36 AM

mariacarmen: Great shot, beautiful sunrise 😎👍

Posted: 2017 Feb 22 12:39:50 PM

even-i.n: aww dear Maria I'm very glad you like it ^_* ,and I already explain to alessandro what is great and first of all spontaneously moment and I take a shot only ones,after that I just watch and enjoy in blessing reflection of sun through the sky formation.... Beautiful shape and color's... *_^ !!!

Posted: 2017 Feb 23 10:20:06 AM

karin :): Gorgeous colours!

Posted: 2017 Feb 22 10:31:54 PM

even-i.n: Yes Karin :) it's was a moment for remember,you can read if you wish in previously comment what is great and maybe sad fact because in that moment in my pocket i have only that camera with 12mp for better shot,but nevermind it's just was spontaneously ^_*

Posted: 2017 Feb 23 10:29:12 AM

mk_no: beautiful

Posted: 2017 Feb 23 6:28:02 AM

even-i.n: Thank you so much mk_no ....

Posted: 2017 Feb 23 10:46:23 AM

Posted: 2017/02/22

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