Here in Iran, we are celebrating Norouz (New Day) which marks the First day of spring. It is an ancient traditinal costum which is held in other countries such as Azerbaijan, Turkey, Russia, and other Asian countries too. During Norouz, (2 Weeks), we visit our relatives to greet the new year and the most rewarding part of it is the bonus adults give children in cash! We set Haft-Sin (seven stuff with initial S) table with some stuff each representing symbolic matters like rebirth, light, love , etc. So Happy Norouz😊


mariacarmen: Looks so interesting, beautiful tradition 👌Happy Norouz, Javadebrah 😊

Posted: 2017 Mar 22 4:08:16 AM

javadebrah: Thanks dear, like all traditional new year festival, its kinda cool . Happy Norouz to you 😊

Posted: 2017 Mar 22 6:46:34 AM

charmychelle: Wonderful tradition, Happy Norouz! 😊🍎🍊🕯🍊🍎

Posted: 2017 Mar 23 5:52:51 AM

javadebrah: Thank you , happy to you too😊✌

Posted: 2017 Mar 23 10:03:35 AM

_marisol: I like that mirror thing. These apples look appetizing and their natural colour is gorgeous.( نوروز خوشحال (من امیدوارم که من آن را گفت درست

Posted: 2017 Mar 25 1:14:38 AM

_marisol: گوگل به من کمک کرد کمی

Posted: 2017 Mar 25 1:14:59 AM
_marisol: اما این امر می تواند به خوبی می دانیم که چگونه به فارسی صحبت می کنند!

Posted: 2017 Mar 25 1:16:36 AM
javadebrah: @_marisol thank you mari😊❤ I love it😊 nice you speak Persian very well 👌

Posted: 2017 May 23 11:29:29 AM
javadebrah: You love languages just like me😄 ممنون ماریا عزیزم😊

Posted: 2017 May 23 11:31:07 AM

_alessandro_: Happy Norouz dear friend!🙆

Posted: 2017 May 24 12:16:27 AM

javadebrah: Grazia Alessandro 🙋

Posted: 2017 May 30 10:50:43 AM

Posted: 2017/03/21

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