Not my photo, it's just so cute I couldn't resist 3 for the first time in 3 months I managed to log in. Been struggling with muthfkin bug. Take care!


_marisol: No mut hei...teretulemast! Täällä kaivataankin uutta verta! Ihq tää kuva, oon nähnyt aiemmin, oisko ollut joku saksalainen kuvaaja tjsp. Kiva kun oot täällä taas, mun ei tarvitse tapella yksin kaikkien mörököllien kanssa haha...meinaatsä alkaa ihan fotoileen tosissaan? Hali & muisku 💜➕💜

Posted: 2017 Mar 22 6:08:32 PM

miamacabre: Kiitti hani. Ai ootsä tapellut täällä :D swiddu ku emojit katos...katellaan nyt fotoilenko missä määrin. Nähdään! :)

Posted: 2017 Mar 23 4:05:22 PM

_fredy: 🙋Hi Mia🙌 It's good to feel you again - welcome back!!!😏 I hope you are 🆗 These owlets💕 are really sweet😍 I wish you,many happy moments✨🌹🎶

Posted: 2017 Mar 23 1:19:28 AM

miamacabre: Thanx Fred. Great to see you too as you're such a nice and kind guy. Have a nice day :)

Posted: 2017 Mar 23 4:07:50 PM

jerry0522: Awww, it is very cute! Sorry to hear about the muthfkin bug :( Hope you get well soon as i miss your images :):)

Posted: 2017 Mar 23 6:49:43 PM

miamacabre: Hi Jerry. Long time no see. Yeah, every time I tried to log in the app crashes within seconds. Now I'm using my older phone and seems to working

Posted: 2017 Mar 26 9:20:08 AM
miamacabre: I'm currently busy with my studies so not sure how much time I have for photos but will do my best. Love your photos too. Take care and see you :-)

Posted: 2017 Mar 26 9:24:53 AM

ttomzz: ...just seeing your name put a smile on my face this morning, nice to see you, M'lady!!!😎

Posted: 2017 Mar 26 11:44:08 AM

miamacabre: Nice to see you too tomz, or is it Tom? Ur comment put a smile on my face too. Great to be on board again :-)

Posted: 2017 Mar 28 1:36:45 PM

ttomzz:'s Tom!!!😎

Posted: 2017 Mar 28 4:34:05 PM

miamacabre: Oukkey doukkey Sir Tom :) I can use only these old style emoticons. Windows update is mostly ruined my Lumia :-(

Posted: 2017 Mar 28 7:47:31 PM

_alessandro_: And that... when you posted??? Did I miss your back!!! Sigh Sigh!!! Ciao bella! Spero di vederti presto!!!😍

Posted: 2017 Mar 28 6:40:51 PM

miamacabre: You mean when I posted this? Yesterday unless my memory is not gagged haha. Grazie Alex :)

Posted: 2017 Mar 28 7:51:51 PM

ttomzz: ...update fried my phone a couple of months ago!!! Sorry about that...finally had to get a new one, (hope you can reboot)😎

Posted: 2017 Mar 28 8:16:41 PM

miamacabre: Rebooting would be one option, but then I lose all the new stuff that works. Need to think about it...hmm!!

Posted: 2017 Mar 29 3:12:53 AM

Posted: 2017/03/22

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