Happy start of week dear people and friends....My training spot left


even-i.n: I don't care for many,but I collect my real LIKES - over 3.000 not 2.589 ... Approximately missed 700 from my beginning in #fhotoroom ... It's not ok when somebody used U .It's very disappointed... There is more,not only likes,please resolve that... If somebody can give me an advice I will be very thankfully... Thanks !!!!

Posted: 2017 Mar 28 12:11:59 AM

charmychelle: It's been happening to me too, I should have over 1,000 more likes than what is showing here...oddly enough my iPad app is the only app showing the correct number of likes... πŸ€” You could email or tweet FR about it..

Posted: 2017 Mar 28 4:13:16 AM
even-i.n: Thanks for advise Michelle,I already try on email but admin(DNS) server does not exist anymore,several time I try to contact on email but delivery PostMastrer send me that information,I'm very confused,every apps for FR must to show correct number of likes,to protect every user in FR,if I'm not the only one,what is going on than Mychelle,did you send an email for example ?

Posted: 2017 Mar 28 8:18:39 AM

mariacarmen: It's nice to see a place like thisπŸ™Œhappy week, friend πŸ‘‹πŸ˜Š

Posted: 2017 Mar 28 4:22:46 AM

even-i.n: There is more and more to show,fresh air,every day you can see many different pat's walking and playing hehe,sweet,after all it's have a beautiful view for inspiration etc ... Enjoy in week you too Maria πŸ˜ƒ πŸ™Œ *_^

Posted: 2017 Mar 28 8:36:04 AM

charmychelle: I haven't had the chance to alert them to it yet but I wasn't in any rush to as I could see the correct number on one app. I've tried emailing them on a different matter and I had no reply and no error message. But I have tweeted them before on Twitter, that worked and my request was dealt with. It would appear that they use social networks more than email. I seldom use Twitter myself, I just mostly use it as a complaints platform! πŸ˜…

Posted: 2017 Mar 29 8:35:45 AM

charmychelle: By the way, this is a lovely pic! 😊

Posted: 2017 Mar 29 8:36:22 AM
charmychelle: Also, if you follow Sassymynx here, she knows at least one of the Fhotoroom admins so you could also tell her your problem and she'll pass it on.

Posted: 2017 Mar 29 8:38:56 AM
even-i.n: Thank you so much Mychelle for your advice and help,I will try to fix this,and my apologies to all my friends,others people in FR,and you to... There must exist a solution and corrections to fix not only likes,my account hm,hope... My best wishes to all in FR !!!

Posted: 2017 Mar 29 10:59:19 AM

Posted: 2017/03/27

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