Block, Panama City. Was a surprise to me that the city is much more modern than I thought. A lot of modern skyscrapers built from glass and steel, clean streets, though wasn´t a good idea to deviate from the lit main street to the dark alley. It´s of the essence always think twice.


robert m jacob: very european neighbourhood

Posted: 2017 Mar 31 4:47:44 PM

miamacabre: That´s true. The Old Town reminded me of some European city in Spain, or Portugal perhaps. The colonial period architecture, very attractive. It´s got something romantic in it. Cheers!

Posted: 2017 Apr 3 1:42:11 PM

_alessandro_: You region! The true soul of the city, you see through the hidden streets! May I ask what brought you to this country so far? In addition to going to find your friend?

Posted: 2017 Mar 31 6:07:13 PM

miamacabre: It was a stopover on my way to meet Mari. You can fly directly from Panama to Maracaibo, no need to go via Caracas. The first time I saw Mari´s family and the city where she was born and lived.

Posted: 2017 Apr 3 2:30:34 PM
miamacabre: I had a long story for you to tell about this trip, but my comments don´t go thru!! I´ll tell ya the rest as soon as possible! Damn!!!!

Posted: 2017 Apr 3 2:34:12 PM
_alessandro_: Wow!!! It would be nice! And I'm sure you could write a book of all your adventures!!!👌

Posted: 2017 Apr 3 5:35:29 PM

javadebrah: Places tell us who the people really are great👌

Posted: 2017 Mar 31 9:57:36 PM

miamacabre: Yes they do. I´ve always been treated well everywhere. If you respect local people, they also respect you. Thnx!

Posted: 2017 Apr 6 8:43:29 AM

Posted: 2017/03/31

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