Panamanian scenery. Stopped in this country to spend a couple of days on my way to South-America to meet my friend. Panama was a positive surprise, although I don´t speak Spanish, but all went well. The locals were wonderful <3


robert m jacob: lovely open space

Posted: 2017 Mar 31 4:46:19 PM

miamacabre: Yep, it´s a lovely open space. Wish I could go there at sunset time, I bet it would´ve been worth it. Thanks!

Posted: 2017 Apr 3 1:19:04 PM

_alessandro_: Wow!!! Wonderful scenery!!!

Posted: 2017 Mar 31 6:07:50 PM

miamacabre: Well I´m on top haha. Guess how many bottles of water I needed to drink to get on top, it´s sweaty thing to do you know ahah 😁 I truly enjoyed the view, it was an amazing adventure to go there...really hot! Thanx Alex, buon semana or something like that 😝

Posted: 2017 Apr 3 1:27:27 PM
_alessandro_: Hahah!!! Brava Mia!!! The view is breathtaking!!! And the contrast of colors is really beautiful!!! Buona settimana a te!

Posted: 2017 Apr 3 5:07:03 PM

mystmr61164: Beautiful view

Posted: 2017 Apr 1 5:15:07 PM

miamacabre: Yep, after a couple of hours of climbing, was a real relief to get up on mountain. Had to drink several liters of water while climbing up, was so damn hot and humid. Thanks!

Posted: 2017 Apr 3 1:32:40 PM

damadjunglist: Very very nice views:)

Posted: 2017 Apr 2 12:14:59 AM

miamacabre: I´d rather have gone there during the sunset but the trip back in the dark would have been dangerous, as you can imagine, there are no streetlights hehe. But it was a great experience even in daylight. Thanks :)

Posted: 2017 Apr 3 1:37:23 PM

_alessandro_: Dear Mia, If we do not feel before, I wish Happy Easter to you and your family! Spend good parties! 🙋🎍🐣🐰

Posted: 2017 Apr 11 4:59:47 PM

miamacabre: Happy belated Eastern Alex <3 (Mari's back from Ven, funeral)

Posted: 2017 Apr 20 4:56:42 PM
_alessandro_: Ohhh... I did not know about this sad news! In Venezuela? What happened???

Posted: 2017 Apr 20 5:09:52 PM
_alessandro_: And how are you? Have you spent the Easter well?

Posted: 2017 Apr 20 5:10:50 PM
_alessandro_: And thank you for warning me, dear friend! 🙏

Posted: 2017 Apr 20 5:38:01 PM
miamacabre: I'm sure Mari will tell ya as soon as she can, funeral, jetlag etc you know. I'm fine and hope you're too. I'll catch you later. Take care!

Posted: 2017 Apr 20 6:11:16 PM
_alessandro_: Thank you so much dear Mia!!! Take care you too!

Posted: 2017 Apr 20 6:22:09 PM

_fredy: Hi Mia!!! Hope you are OK!? Greetings to you,my dear friend!!!🌹☺

Posted: 2017 Jul 5 12:29:10 AM

miamacabre: HI fredy. I'm doing just great, been a bit busy with my work and studies. Thnx and take care <3

Posted: 2017 Jul 5 12:43:56 PM

_fredy: Great to hear are always so kindly...ThanksTY&TC🌹☺

Posted: 2017 Jul 5 8:54:36 PM

Posted: 2017/03/31

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