Let's imagine the crunch of footsteps on the leaves🍂


nothing: Wow😍 I bet it would be great honestly I haven't experienced such feeling in my city usually no leaves fall or even change their green color 😂 always same 😂 just very very rarely it happens and that's not because of fall, just because the tree was about to die ( well a sad moment of course) you have captured this very great colors are amazing and fresh the focus oh and also that simple old looking wall its an amazing photo dear Susana ❤

Posted: 2017 Apr 24 8:12:19 PM

su5_6: Oh Ali☺ thanks for your kind words! I'm glad that you liked it, maybe some day you will visit my city in autumn and you'll walk over crunchy leaves😁 haha. Have a great week ahead!

Posted: 2017 Apr 24 10:57:00 PM

mariacarmen: Yo amo pisar las hojas 🙌 crunch crunch, crunch 😁bonito shot, amiga🙋

Posted: 2017 Apr 25 12:24:28 AM

su5_6: Yo también 😁 el otoño es bonito!! Feliz martes, linda!💗

Posted: 2017 Apr 25 11:47:08 AM

_alessandro_: I can hear Cracking the leaves under my feet ! Beautiful image dear Susana!!!

Posted: 2017 Apr 25 9:17:15 AM

su5_6: It's an amazing sound😍 have a lovely day my friend!

Posted: 2017 Apr 25 11:47:48 AM

jerry0522: It appears another summer has past for you my dear friend :) I do love the colors and smells of autumn and even the crunching leaves under my feet. I still want to see you and your images so please don't hibernate as winter arrives haha

Posted: 2017 Apr 26 12:01:03 PM

su5_6: Hahahaha aww Jerry 😂 you always making me smile. I'll try not to hibernate although I wish I was a polar bear lol. I hate winter. Autumn is already cold these last days❄ Enjoy your spring my friend 🤗

Posted: 2017 Apr 26 2:31:15 PM

jerry0522: Thank you Susana, I'll try to keep you warm with my images of spring and summer :) I'm not a big fan of winter either :(

Posted: 2017 Apr 26 3:55:16 PM

su5_6: That will help ☺ thanks!

Posted: 2017 Apr 26 7:58:06 PM

Posted: 2017/04/24

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