Damien Hurst's sculpture Verity at Ilfracombe Devon


_fredy: Beautiful sculpture and great angle shot...hmm... it stands on books - it's not nice😩

Posted: 2017 May 1 12:35:19 AM

suzywoo: Thanks Fredy. Beautiful from the back yes. I couldn't bring myself to photograph it from the front. Scary, , monstrosity is all I can say. I wonder how many children it frightens ? I will try to post a link if this app allows.

Posted: 2017 May 1 8:06:10 AM
suzywoo: Sorry It won't allow me to post link. Google Damien Hirst Verity. Scary stuff!

Posted: 2017 May 1 8:13:33 AM

gloria siess: wow!!!

Posted: 2017 May 1 3:39:53 AM

suzywoo: Thank you Gloria :)

Posted: 2017 May 2 5:26:05 AM

stefpics2: Great angle, and indeed the sculpture's best side ! :)

Posted: 2017 May 1 5:49:35 PM

suzywoo: For sure Stef. She's facing out to sea so I'm guessing no pirates in Ilfracombe. Lol

Posted: 2017 May 2 5:28:35 AM
stefpics2: Nope, they'll turn around straight away :):)

Posted: 2017 May 2 4:54:19 PM

isabel22: Hello!!!!! how many times without see you 😍

Posted: 2017 May 4 1:12:54 PM

Posted: 2017/04/30

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