Ben Nevis - Britain's highest mountain at 1,344 m (4,411 ft). The Caledonian Canal in the foreground with bonus duck coming in to land ;-)


_alessandro_: Wow!!! Amazing place!!! Great shot my friend!!!

Posted: 2017 Jun 1 7:05:09 PM

andy-w: Thank you 👍... I appreciate your comments

Posted: 2017 Jun 1 7:12:37 PM

cameraal: Ducks are always welcome!! Beautiful view!

Posted: 2017 Jun 2 1:05:13 AM

andy-w: Hahaha yes... My feelings exactly

Posted: 2017 Jun 2 1:57:36 PM

bigfarmer: You manage to get me staring at the screen every time you post Andy. What a beautiful view and photo!! Thanks!!!

Posted: 2017 Jun 2 12:35:43 PM

andy-w: No... Thank you bigfarmer. I only post a small percentage of what I shoot

Posted: 2017 Jun 2 2:02:00 PM

defimage2222: Wow ,you have captured ben Nevis in all its glory...,especially on a clear and sunny day..Great shot Andy :)

Posted: 2017 Jun 2 7:39:57 PM

andy-w: Thank you... I was exceptionally lucky with the weather

Posted: 2017 Jun 3 6:52:44 PM

karin :): I was there !! So great area, love it

Posted: 2017 Jun 3 5:55:41 PM

andy-w: I agree... I would definitely go again

Posted: 2017 Jun 3 6:44:58 PM

_marisol: Oh man...our highest mountain is 1,323 km! Yours is only 21 meters higher...depressing hehe. You ever been on top? Beautiful image, is there some snow on top? Wonderfully captured Andy!

Posted: 2017 Jul 12 12:30:45 AM

andy-w: I didn't have opportunity to plan a trip to the top... But I climbed up one of the smaller hills just at the side

Posted: 2017 Nov 19 3:56:54 PM
andy-w: ... There was a little bit of snow... This pic was in May

Posted: 2017 Nov 19 3:59:37 PM

soderhol: You won. Highest mountain in finland is 20m lower... "Haltitunturi"

Posted: 2017 Nov 19 2:49:48 PM

andy-w: We can call it a draw then... 👍

Posted: 2017 Nov 19 3:58:27 PM

Posted: 2017/06/01

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