For the gal that wanted to see the Spanish Moss - this is for you! More soon :)


_alessandro_: Amazing photo my friend!!! Awesome place!!! Happy weekend!!!

Posted: 2017 Jun 10 6:44:17 AM

stefpics2: Stunning ! :)

Posted: 2017 Jun 10 6:27:56 PM

soderhol: Beautiful photo. Like a fairytale. Like a much

Posted: 2017 Jun 11 10:33:47 AM

bigfarmer: Due to (recurring) technical issues with FR I missed these last beautiful shot of you. Every now and then my photo feed stops updating. Happy to see these pictures now though!!

Posted: 2017 Jul 26 7:44:38 AM

rainebow74: I miss everything all the time lol I just started an Instagram account and have been loading it with photos so I have been pretty absent here..and everywhere else. If you or any one of my other FR friends have one come find me and add me! rainesmith74...fb is lorraine smith. Ill try to visit everyones page and see what all you have been busy photographing..back soon I hope 🙋🖖

Posted: 2017 Jul 26 8:08:16 AM
bigfarmer: I did hit the Follow button on Insta! :-) I am a complete idiot if it comes to names so in advance I apologize if I mess up you name every now and then. Are you on Flickr as well? A kazillion people with your name there, but it is the only app where I can see photos full size (and yours are pretty well worth that!)

Posted: 2017 Jul 26 10:11:46 AM

rainebow74: photo..I knew it was you when I saw it lol. Yes I am on Flikr too..I have not updated it in months though. I need a single button that posts to all the sites !!

Posted: 2017 Jul 31 8:05:43 AM

#stonepointimages: I love your work and I would truly be honored to have a chance to accompany you on a photo Trek. you can contact me here @stonepointimages.

Posted: 2017 Dec 28 4:18:33 AM

Posted: 2017/06/10

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