Cant acess my recent photos from camera roll anymore on fhotoroom to share them. On mobile or tablet. Very peeed off.


bigfarmer: Did you log in again after the update? I sometimes forget and have the same frustration... This picture looks pretty cool though!

Posted: 2017 Jun 22 1:23:54 PM

sarah buzby: DCan only use my buzby account on my tablet, but,yes,as u can see I am getting confused between the two. Thing is I take my mobile out for photography

Posted: 2017 Jun 22 3:31:41 PM
sarah buzby: I did log in after the update, but only on my tablet, still wont log me in on my mobile though?!

Posted: 2017 Jun 24 10:31:55 AM

sarah buzby: And cant seem to upload to tablet,have had so many changes due to updates and need to relearn how to use them.

Posted: 2017 Jun 22 3:32:54 PM

_alessandro_: Amazing photo!!!

Posted: 2017 Jun 23 7:54:03 PM

sarah buzby: OThe colours on this didn't show as id hoped. I was trying a new zoom app coz the tablet and mobile coz not content with the amount I can zoom in on a

Posted: 2017 Jun 24 10:28:03 AM

sarah buzby: Photo on my tablet especially,but new zoom app was not much better, result was blurry the higher the amount was set.

Posted: 2017 Jun 24 10:29:23 AM

_alessandro_: I love your image! This light blur gives the picture a nice softness!!!👌

Posted: 2017 Jun 24 11:16:24 AM

Posted: 2017/06/21

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