Iran,Yazd,Pomegranate Garden...✔


kida_carciu: Yummy 😋

Posted: 2017 Aug 10 2:11:05 PM

carmen43064: What is the typical food of your country or of the area where you live?😊

Posted: 2018 Jun 13 8:00:22 AM

mohammad a: There are so many foods,each region has its own special food that is different from other areas.

Posted: 2018 Jun 13 5:15:30 PM

mohammad a: Bryan and kalajoosh and some other foods are the traditional food of Esfahan.I love pasta and all types of kebabs.😋

Posted: 2018 Jun 13 5:18:55 PM

carmen43064: The kebabs if I have tried them and they are very good hahaha 😎

Posted: 2018 Jun 13 6:07:05 PM

carmen43064: Today Morocco VS Iran plays, I'll see it. Who will win?

Posted: 2018 Jun 15 12:09:25 PM

mohammad a: Surely we are,but with a little chance.and we have a very difficult game on Wednesday.of course we don't expect our team to be in this group.

Posted: 2018 Jun 16 6:18:07 AM

mohammad a: We just want to play well because this group is very difficult.

Posted: 2018 Jun 16 6:19:23 AM

carmen43064: You are right the truth. Did you see Portugal VS Spain? We were 3-3 but he gave many turns the game

Posted: 2018 Jun 16 4:43:24 PM

mohammad a: Yes I saw, the first game is hard at the worldcup. Iran vs Spain will be very hard and spectacular.

Posted: 2018 Jun 16 6:40:03 PM

mohammad a: And that CR7 was well in his day.

Posted: 2018 Jun 16 6:46:58 PM

carmen43064: What hobbies do you have? Or what do you like?

Posted: 2018 Jun 24 9:27:52 PM

mohammad a: I have a lot of interest in watching the movie,as well as traveling to different places.I suggest watching a movie called El secreto de sus ojos.

Posted: 2018 Jun 25 5:39:42 PM

mohammad a
Posted: 2017/08/06

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