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will never just exist: did you paint this ?

Posted: 2017 Aug 21 10:36:05 PM

cristy42864: Yes :)

Posted: 2017 Aug 22 2:01:16 AM

will never just exist: Wow! this is beautiful! I love the texture and the contrast of the focal point.

Posted: 2017 Aug 22 11:59:38 AM

cristy42864: Oh !! Thank you very much ... I do it with all my energy and feeling! How nice..

Posted: 2017 Aug 24 7:14:57 PM

redhand: Smooth painting, looks good.

Posted: 2017 Aug 24 5:29:33 AM

cristy42864: Hello thanks I like it smooth, it's on wood .. with watercolor and oil

Posted: 2017 Aug 24 7:18:44 PM

will never just exist: I see the moon, I see trees in bloom , the colors glorious and bright..... above all I see passion.

Posted: 2017 Aug 25 12:20:09 AM

cristy42864: Thanks :)

Posted: 2017 Aug 25 2:48:54 AM

mymanypseudos: Me gusta tu trabajo y tu arte. Soy un fotógrafo de estudio, así que si disfrutas del arte, deberías considerar seguirme. La mayoría de mis publicaciones son de mis modelos y algunas tomadas por otros fotógrafos de mí. Muchos son solo para seguidores. Que tengas un gran día. David

Posted: 2018 Sep 24 8:35:49 PM

Posted: 2017/08/21

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