The result of playing with water droplets, it wasn't easy to take that shot with the built in flash, but I'm happy I was able to take a decent shot 🙃
#droplet #water #wave #macro #closeup


_marisol: Totally awesome result Max! Very well executed and the colours are pretty. How many shots you took to get the right result? Wonderfully captured indeed. How are your by the way? 🙋😃😛👍👍

Posted: 2017 Sep 13 8:34:00 PM

maxmaksx: Thank you very much Mari! I took 20-30 shots to get this one, it was difficult because the lighting conditions weren't perfect and my flash isn't strong enough for it, but I had some luck 😃
I have samsung galaxy s5, I don't like the android app because it uploads photos in much lower quality than the web upload
And I don't like the fact that when I want to copy a text from example the menu shows up completely black so I have to guess where is the right button

Posted: 2017 Sep 13 10:51:59 PM

_marisol: Oh, you told me on your other reply that Android app is terrible. Mine is working just perfect...what phone you are using? I have a Huawei P9. 😛

Posted: 2017 Sep 13 8:39:08 PM

_alessandro_: Perfect!!!

Posted: 2017 Sep 13 9:57:23 PM

maxmaksx: Thank you! 😃😃😃

Posted: 2017 Sep 13 10:52:20 PM

_marisol: I always upload via PC browser but not sure if remember correctly but I recall that there is a chance to choose what quality you want to upload the picture

Posted: 2017 Sep 14 2:54:38 AM

_marisol:'s on a upload menu. Just tick the box what quality you want 😃

Posted: 2017 Sep 14 2:56:35 AM
maxmaksx: I can't choose the quality in the app, it needs a lot of work to make it how it should be, but it looks like they don't care about android users because their last update was a really long time ago, I hope they will start caring more and make a decent app for us 🙃

Posted: 2017 Sep 14 5:36:36 AM

kanleyhk: .....!!! *-*

Posted: 2017 Sep 14 5:31:07 AM

maxmaksx: 🙏😃🙋

Posted: 2017 Sep 14 5:36:48 AM

tess72564: Wow, this is breathtaking!!

Posted: 2017 Sep 15 12:05:12 AM

late_lammas83: more than decent. Amazing.

Posted: 2017 Sep 15 5:32:59 PM

kyle1337: Absolutely Amazing photo Max!!! Excellent job!👌👍🙏

Posted: 2017 Sep 16 12:08:20 AM

ttomzz: ...all of the time and effort definatly paid off!!! Most excellent, Sir...😎

Posted: 2017 Sep 17 1:25:51 PM

defimage2222: Amazing :)

Posted: 2017 Sep 18 10:42:20 AM

priscila_calu: 😍

Posted: 2017 Sep 18 9:11:55 PM

Posted: 2017/09/13

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