I've had posted where I stayed..well here is walking way along the beach just next to my hotel in Palmas😊. Here you can find any..bar restaurant.., shops and supermarket and nice ice cream too😋🐷😄, I was laying and having sunbathing there just last Saturday ago😌😆😁😝


puma.luca: Stress.......NO!!!! Magnifico!!

Posted: 2017 Sep 16 10:48:11 AM

sukisu: Niente stress luca...just enjoyed😄xx

Posted: 2017 Sep 19 5:07:26 PM

jerry0522: That is a great location Sukisu :) Everything you would ever need within walking distance...I'm sure you have many fond memories :)

Posted: 2017 Sep 18 2:37:43 PM

sukisu: This is second time that I had been there jerry😊, I can tell you is really relax and fun place to spend holidays there, I just love the it its why I

Posted: 2017 Sep 19 5:10:37 PM
sukisu: Was there again😊😇. I can't write so long in the application, I really hate this😌😂😋

Posted: 2017 Sep 19 5:12:59 PM

jj*: Lucky you.:-)..enjoy it!

Posted: 2017 Sep 24 11:52:10 AM

lowgonlowpaw: looks gorgeous there, I love the beach especially with a beauty like you.😘

Posted: 2017 Oct 1 5:30:45 PM

_fredy: ⛄HAPPY ❄ NEW 🎄 YEAR ❄ 2018⛄ Sukanya💖😎

Posted: 2018 Jan 1 1:59:49 PM

_marisol: Okkay...now I realized the location of your hotel! My hotel is almost opposite your hotel. It´s a little unfocused photos, otherwise I could point to you the hotel we stayed...because it´s in the picture. And what makes laugh, both cranes are also in this shot. The same cranes (I suppose) that you can see in one of my image 😀 But you were staying more than 200 meters from my hotel, my guess is about 300-400 meters.

Posted: 2018 Feb 17 11:16:47 PM

_marisol: My hotel is more on the left in this shot. I was able to see the hotel which has dark blue lighting like bright blue spots, I guess it was close to you. You remember that hotel? And the hills behind it? Either way, we were both staying along the Paseo de Las Canteras and would have been so easy to meet...what a pity. Well, next time then! Good night Sukanya 🌙💜 (I love so much your name, it´s so beautiful, that´s why I remembered it after all these months) See ya! 💗

Posted: 2018 Feb 17 11:17:37 PM

_marisol: Sorry! A few corrections....unfocused photo, not photos. I could have shown to you my hotel, not 'I could point...' Makes me laugh...hehe, sorry, had to type fast, I'm almost asleep, next heading to bed! Buenas noches, dulces sueños amiguchita! 💤

Posted: 2018 Feb 17 11:22:36 PM

_marisol: One more thing dear, how long did you plan to spend in Las Palmas in the first place? The whole winter? When did you leave town? Somebody here told me before my trip that Sukanya is no longer in the city. When I heard that I didn´t look for you in your profile and I was a bit disappointed, but don´t blame yourself, you had your reasons and they´re not my business. Perhaps we´ll meet another time in LP. Ciao!! 😊

Posted: 2018 Feb 17 11:33:11 PM
sukisu: Ye ye, my hotel too was in left from your picture! Its why I told you from first that you stayed in the middle of main street, anyway I'm sure we were

Posted: 2018 Feb 18 7:27:57 AM
sukisu: Very close where we stayed, well..if you are nearly to pink ice cream shop, because their is just the only one there😁, and we both stayed in the part

Posted: 2018 Feb 18 7:32:28 AM
sukisu: Of new town. In this pic my hotel is just less than five minutes to the right, anyway is where almost beginning of walking way in this pic 😁

Posted: 2018 Feb 18 7:38:25 AM
sukisu: I had been there in July just for two weeks and then I'm back to Italy, and never back until now. Was been fighting with my ex from then after he foun

Posted: 2018 Feb 18 7:41:48 AM
sukisu: He found out my pics in this application 😌😁, so I have to stop for while because he doesn't want me too😅. Well..happened so many crazy story, he to

Posted: 2018 Feb 18 7:44:48 AM
sukisu: He was too jealous and I can't breathe anymore, so I left him just about three weeks ago😃😋

Posted: 2018 Feb 18 7:46:41 AM
sukisu: And I sorry for haven't answered you by away, I was just fell asleep already😁

Posted: 2018 Feb 18 7:49:23 AM
sukisu: Called Piccione😃. Will post some pictures if I have time 😌. Ti auguro fantastica weekend con i tuoi cari cara amica! Bacione grande😘💜

Posted: 2018 Feb 24 10:50:35 AM

_marisol: Hi Sukanya 💜 Yes, I walked across the whole paseo many times and remember a pink colour heladería, an ice cream joint, so I must have been very close to your hotel. Anyway, Sukanya, my dear friend, you DID the right thing as you left your boyfriend! If he´s a jealous character he will NEVER change, that´s for sure! And the fact he´s checking your phone...what the...? Your phone is yours and nobody should have anything to do with it.

Posted: 2018 Feb 21 2:18:01 AM

_marisol: If my husband would asked me 'show me your phone, I wanna see what you've been up to', I'd said FU, pack your stuff and take a hike haha...but he won't do that as there's total trust and love between us. Ok...this is your private life and I have nothing to do with it, but just wanna say that...think twice if he ask you to come back to the relationship. I´m telling you this because I like you and I care about you. I hope no more crazy things for you! 😉 Take care of yourself, and all the best! Let´s chat more later. Buenas noches cariño! Dulcenotte 🧡💜💙 Sogni d'oro 🌙

Posted: 2018 Feb 21 2:22:05 AM
sukisu: OYe you are absolutely right Marisol, In fact I felt like I was in the prison when I was in relationship with him, can't believe he's did, anyway ye,

Posted: 2018 Feb 24 10:31:34 AM
sukisu: I did told him FU soo many times😂😁. Now I'm very busy because of I am moving place to live 😊, will going to a single house and on the high hill cal

Posted: 2018 Feb 24 10:42:18 AM
sukisu: Called Piccione😄. I will post some pics of town if have time😌. Ti auguro fantastica weekend con i tuoi cari cara amica marisol, ci sentiamo presto,

Posted: 2018 Feb 24 11:11:07 AM
sukisu: Bacio e abbraccio forte😘💜💚

Posted: 2018 Feb 24 11:12:44 AM

Posted: 2017/09/16

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