Clouds come floating by no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add depths of color to the sun setting in the sky. For when the sun has set, no candle can replace its majestic wonder as a day is ending only to bring on another.- . . . . 9 days and still without power has been quite a challenge. After Irma and the sheer force she brought with it we are thankful to at least bask in the beauty of an evening sunset knowing that we and others around us have good people in our lives, warm food on our table, clean clothes on our backs and still have a roof over our head when the power returns. #CalGainesPhotography #Sunset #Lake #Sky #Dusk


ttomzz: ...I'm a bit north of you, sorry to hear still without power, did you have any damage to your home? Fine gallery!!!

Posted: 2017 Sep 20 2:27:33 AM

calgaines_photo: Thanks. No we didn't have any damage just no power for 10 days and it actually came back on last night! Had a lot of trees down in the area though. We're lucky that it wasn't any worse.

Posted: 2017 Sep 20 4:20:12 PM

_marisol: Ah, so lovely! Early morning here in Europe, a very cold one! This warms up my morning and mind 😃

Posted: 2017 Sep 20 4:03:51 AM

_marisol: Hope you'll get the power back asap🔌 💡

Posted: 2017 Sep 20 4:11:38 AM
calgaines_photo: 😊

Posted: 2017 Sep 20 4:20:30 PM
calgaines_photo: Got our power back on yesterday!!!! Life is good!

Posted: 2017 Sep 20 4:21:08 PM

rollynsan: Glad that you can still see beauty after such devastation. Nice photograph and lovely poem. Happy to know you and your family are safe

Posted: 2017 Sep 20 5:16:01 PM

syareha: Wow beautiful sunlight..

Posted: 2017 Oct 5 1:46:11 PM

Posted: 2017/09/19

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