October...the colors change to yellows and orange and the pumpkins join the garden...most of the green will be gone by Monday night as snow and cold temperatures arrive to herald the new season. I have about 20 pumpkins of varying sizes and will pick up at least 2 or 3 bigger ones- Squirrelly and Shirley and their brood seem to like the big ones at first. Yes, the pixies seem to be flying in formation tonight - exploring the new additions to my fading garden. Good Night and Good Morning to all!! 10/7/2017. 9:35 pm.


_marisol: Wow! Beautifully lit. You have an artistic eye on flowers, gardens etc...now that I'm on board again I could send you the pics I promised...If you still want them??? Wonderfully captured this one. Have a lazy Sunday Al 😎🌞 🍤🍁🍁🍃

Posted: 2017 Oct 8 3:54:13 AM

cameraal: I would love to receive your lantern pics!! And I will do my best to have a lazy Sunday!! 😄🎃

Posted: 2017 Oct 8 5:57:42 AM

_alessandro_: Fantastic!!! I love so much this beautiful garden!!! I see much love for nature!!!👌 Have a great Sunday Al!!!🙋

Posted: 2017 Oct 8 7:03:27 AM

cameraal: Grazie...having a very good day!

Posted: 2017 Oct 8 5:27:53 PM

mystmr61164: love the colors and the atmosphere they create. Great job!

Posted: 2017 Oct 8 10:26:49 AM

cameraal: Appreciated..great time of the evening!

Posted: 2017 Oct 8 5:28:36 PM

charmychelle: Beautifully made image, Al, I also love how you've framed it with bokeh. 😃👌 By the way, if you have an updated IOS or Android phone, you should be able to see the squirrel icon amongst the animals. I'm not sure about Windows as I have an 8.1 phone that can't be updated, so I don't have that icon on my Lumia. But it might be in updated versions as well! 😉

Posted: 2017 Oct 8 8:06:31 PM

cameraal: Thank you..I will look again!

Posted: 2017 Oct 9 3:14:55 AM

robert m jacob: ohh very lovely star bursts on lights it makes the garden looks mystical

Posted: 2017 Oct 9 11:59:34 AM

cameraal: Oh..those are really pixies on their night flights! 😄

Posted: 2017 Oct 10 1:03:40 AM

alisha khan: Yum yum....its a yummy view😊😍😍😋

Posted: 2017 Oct 9 4:47:12 PM

cameraal: Love your yummy relpy!! :)

Posted: 2017 Oct 10 1:05:39 AM

jerry0522: awesome and colorful display :):)

Posted: 2017 Oct 11 2:22:48 PM

cameraal: Thank you! Took this the night before the snow hit..most of it survived but I did lose quite a few of my broadleafed plants..normal attrition for this time of the year..

Posted: 2017 Oct 11 3:38:55 PM

Posted: 2017/10/08

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