Quite excepetional weather this weekend, temps around 23 dc/ 73 F. As Holland is being quite small, this means everyone flees to to the nice, perfect places. We first planned to go to the beach but quite some traffic-jams decided for us differently. Finally we went to #breda to the Mast Forest, #mastbos. Per Dutch standards, a real forest! Wish you all as from tomorrow a great (working) week. cheers!


_alessandro_: Almost all Europe is invested by this abnormal heat, we prepare for the consequences that will lead to the hurricane Ophelia, and pray to God, that he does not make disasters! Returning to your beautiful picture, I tell you it's really beautiful, and I love the forests and scenarios you've photographed! Good week to you, too!!!

Posted: 2017 Oct 15 8:32:02 PM

woodyie62: Thanks Alessandro. I know that the moment water levels will increase generally Holland will be under water for 2/3. Not a very nice thought for the future

Posted: 2017 Oct 22 12:08:23 PM

rollynsan: Nice

Posted: 2017 Oct 21 9:27:28 AM

Posted: 2017/10/15

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