Started out as almost an all black photo coz the flash obviously isn't good, anyway after playing about a bit this is what I got out of the blackness.


_marisol: Pretty often the built-in flashes are too ineffective. You need an external flash. There's a brand called Yongnuo that sells advantageous external flashes, prices from 40£ 📸

Posted: 2017 Oct 16 2:29:26 PM

sarah buzby: Thanks, I will remember that when I buy my first proper camera very soon, just got my xperia mobile at moment. Thanks for advice babe, I know nothing about cameras at all!!

Posted: 2017 Oct 16 6:41:35 PM
_marisol: You're welcome! If you buy it, you just attach it to the camera's hot shoe. The other version is an extended flash, these are usually wireless and you can place it wherever you want and use it with the remote control. Here in Fr you can always ask for help when needed. I've asked many times and always got it ❤

Posted: 2017 Oct 16 6:54:17 PM
sarah buzby: Thanks babe, there's alot to learn. Isn't there. Sorry for the late reply, I'm always running out of data. X

Posted: 2017 Oct 22 9:18:27 AM

_alessandro_: Fantastic image!!!👌

Posted: 2017 Oct 16 5:57:41 PM

sarah buzby: Thanks xx

Posted: 2017 Oct 16 6:41:45 PM

sarah buzby
Posted: 2017/10/16

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