Ok, something went wrong and this picture had disappeared during the day. The sad thing is that I also lost all the comments...so if you commented on this image, please be kind and leave a new one. I´m too frustrated to write the caption again, I´m sure that I didn´t accidentally deleted the image as I´ve been using my pc lately. With Android phone you easily can remove your photo, I find it stupid that the deleting button is added to the HD-zoom feature, not sure if I bother to use it anymore. Re-edit of my old picture that I posted around 3 years ago, can´t check the exact date as the image has been deleted by Fr. Wish you a great day/evening/night etc ❤


hogman72664: Bloody android drives me nuts. That has happened to me on more than one occasion and it is so frustrating. I love this, the colours are amazing and evocative of a dreamscape. Where are the unicorns or elves? Beautiful work as always :):)

Posted: 2017 Nov 14 1:50:01 PM

_marisol: You know what David, FR app works brilliantly on my 1st generation Lumia 900, and doesn´t have that bloody deleting button. FR offers upgrades to this old model (quite rarely though) but I never update it, I´m afraid that updates will ruin the app. I like it just the way it is, simple and easy to use! So far my editing style has been quite conservative, been hesitating to try artistically bold solutions. It frustrated me until I decided it was time to try something new. The result is here and I´m very happy with it. From now on I´ll try boldly make different styles at my editing work. I know where all the elves are, you´ll see it in my pic when it´s time...thank you so much. Wish you luck with Android, a pretty mess it is. See you soon mate :):)

Posted: 2017 Nov 15 6:53:02 PM

jerry0522: I was fortunate to read your caption yesterday when you first posted it and this is exactly what FR needs to fix if they ever expect to grow to where it was a couple years ago at it's peak. They have so many quirky issues like not being able to comment on images of people you follow or not even seeing images in the feed of people you follow. I know that you had that issue with mine for the longest time. Fixing those type things would be a great start and then maybe they could start by sending out regular communication posts letting us know what they see in there future, what changes they are making to improve. Like you said there is not a lot we users can do to grow the audience, it's more on Fhotoroom. OK back to your image...I love the fresh new edit and I believe it is worthy of 400 likes :D Do you know I can't even break 100 likes anymore :( I was never able to achieve your success but I had several images get over 200 and that was always special to me :)

Posted: 2017 Nov 14 2:14:23 PM

_marisol: I don´t know...I´m afraid Fr is broke, they have no money, at least not enough to make proper improvements, though I might be a bit cynical. However, IMO they made that Time Machine which contains the best pics of Fr members, Time Machine is like an ad for companies like Google who buy pictures to advertise their own products, just like my lantern pic was sold to Google Play. It´s ok to me, as Fr rules says once you have uploaded the photo they can do with it pretty much what they want. But hope I´m wrong about Time Machine, hope they did it just to respect the forum´s best pictures. Today it´s hard for me to broke 100 likes, god dammit, used to I got easily 200-300 likes per shot :D I´ve become a lousy photographer haha...Btw, this is my record photo, 450 likes! Could it be a record of all time in FR? Don´t know, I´not here after likes, I love this community and esp the original members (didn´t wanna say OLD members :D). Some kind of regular communication post could be a good idea...considering the fact that they give info quite a bit. Alrightey, wish you a great weekend! :)

Posted: 2017 Nov 17 8:29:38 PM

robert m jacob: wahhhhh how can one woman have so much talent.very beautiful shot Marisol.

Posted: 2017 Nov 14 2:48:00 PM

charmychelle: Ayyy noooo che palle! 😖 Pero no te preocupes mi amiguita, está bien! 😉 I absolutely agree with Jerry’s comment, FR are doing themselves no favours by not fixing these niggling issues. Someone could so easily decide to leave if they were in your position. I remember reading someone suggesting that the problems with people leaving started when FR began deleting photos that were posted before 2015. I remember a lot of people were/still are upset with that decision, so they could well be right...

Posted: 2017 Nov 14 6:49:08 PM

charmychelle: I remember your caption from yesterday, I agree with everything you said. It’s not all about the likes it is about the friendships that we make here, and with that closeness it hurts more when people decide to leave... I’m not giving up hope that some will return but I’m also aware that we’re a shrinking community... what to do...what we normally do I guess, keep on fighting! We can’t do much more... It has been a pleasure to be acquainted with someone as talented as you and I’m glad that you’re still here to share your images with us.. 💖💖💖

Posted: 2017 Nov 14 6:55:35 PM
charmychelle: Olet muokannut tätä kuvaa kauniisti, se sopii mieliala! Hyvin tehty rakastan ystäväni! 👏👏 Toivotan teille hyvää iltaa! Lähetän halauksia ✨💖🌸💖✨

Posted: 2017 Nov 14 7:01:04 PM
charmychelle: *rakas

Posted: 2017 Nov 14 9:12:20 PM

defimage2222: .I read your caption yesterday and i said I'd give this amazing image a million likes if i could..,i remember this beautiful picture the first time round

Posted: 2017 Nov 14 8:13:27 PM

defimage2222: The colours and the atmospheric feel to this piece of photography is a dream..,

Posted: 2017 Nov 14 8:14:45 PM
defimage2222: So...here's another million likes..,love it 😊

Posted: 2017 Nov 14 8:16:01 PM

ttomzz: ...add me to that list too, Please!!! You have (very elegantly) stated the obvious and we can only hope someone at FR is paying attention ⚠...as always, M'lady 😎

Posted: 2017 Nov 14 8:26:02 PM

_marisol: I´ve already added you to my list, actually I did it a while ago when I found out who you really are and now we are at the stage when I must submit this list to the CIA...ehheh, think I need some sleep, my jokes are pure crap. Slept 3 hours last night, woke up around 8am, and now it´s 11pm so u can imagine...even stupid things make me laugh. As for as FR, I think they´re broke, I might be a little cynical but guess they developed that Time Machine for those (Google, Apple etc) who buy pictures for advertising. That´s why they have picked the best ones on the machine. Hope I´m wrong but I have my doubts. ThAnX Tom! Have a great Wednesday 💖

Posted: 2017 Nov 15 9:09:43 PM

jjanner: A magical place, both evoke journey and destination. I will always take this path. ♥️

Posted: 2017 Nov 14 8:28:05 PM

_alessandro_: 🎵🎵Che importa se per innamorarsi basta un'ora che fretta c'era maledetta primavera che fretta c'era lo sappiamo io e te Na, na, na, na, na, na🎵🎵🎵 Adoro questa foto... Mari....😌

Posted: 2017 Nov 14 9:06:15 PM

_alessandro_: Forza, tirati su di morale e spariamo qualche cazzata come hai vecchi tempi!🤗💋

Posted: 2017 Nov 14 9:16:05 PM
_marisol: Oy oy oy oyyy...🎵🎵 'stelle una sola c'nè, che mi può dare, la misura di un amore, se per errore chiudi gli occhi e...pensi a meeeee....se per innamorarmi ancora...torneraiiii...maledetta primavera'🎵🎵 Una delle canzoni più belle del mondo!! Me encanta mucho!! Qualche tempo fa, ho ballato con questa canzone con mio marito...nel nostro salotto, e poi ho vestito la mia biancheria viola, e poi che è successo? Hihi hihi...il resto puoi immaginarti! Certo che sono andato in sauna ahhah!! Non hai un'immaginazione sporca, è vero? Non capisco, chi spara cazzata?? Ma grazie davvero! Sono contento che ti piaccia la foto! 😉

Posted: 2017 Nov 15 8:38:03 PM
_marisol: Scusa...presto visiterò il tuo profilo

Posted: 2017 Nov 15 9:42:13 PM
_alessandro_: Hehehe... sparare una cazzata, è un modo di dire, come ad esempio, dire qualche cosa di stupido per ridere. Dire delle battute umoristiche per ridere... nulla di più! Buona notte e a presto! 😘

Posted: 2017 Nov 15 11:25:23 PM

kaami778: awesome

Posted: 2017 Nov 15 4:20:29 AM

_marisol: Thanks kaami. It´s a magic forest near my town Helsinki, in the place called Sipoo, part of the metropolitan area, although the locals don´t wanna hear it haha...

Posted: 2017 Nov 17 8:39:02 PM

sunrise *-*: The imagine of this picture makes me to think like I'm walking in a dream forest. So wonderful and delicate, thanks for sharing

Posted: 2017 Nov 15 8:42:16 AM

soderhol: Tää on kyllä hieno kuva. Kannattaa ehdottomasti uusia. Hauskaa viikkoa likka. 🎭

Posted: 2017 Nov 15 3:15:19 PM

stefpics2: Oooh, a magical forest ! :)

Posted: 2017 Nov 15 6:45:24 PM

puma.luca: Marisol. Che immagine favolosa! Pochi colori ma ben combinati mentre con la nebbia è meraviglioso l' effetto profondità! L'editing é fantastico e il luogo fa pensare al mistero!!!😊 Mi piace! Cara amica hai eseguito un ottimo lavoro!!😊😊

Posted: 2017 Nov 15 9:49:16 PM

mohamed71764: So beautiful, great pic

Posted: 2017 Nov 18 7:17:06 AM

_fredy: Waaaooooooo....😍😍😍images poetry💓...the most beautiful photo of the forest I've ever seen!!!🌿🍃💚💙💖 Terveisiä kaunis Suomi! :)))

Posted: 2017 Nov 18 7:39:27 PM

andy-w: Amazing shot marisol.... And thank you for your kind words about my photos 👍

Posted: 2017 Nov 20 8:09:56 PM

allthatglittersphotography: BEAUTIFUL!

Posted: 2017 Nov 27 6:25:41 AM

aldo mac: Really cool

Posted: 2017 Nov 30 8:42:15 AM

antoniolópez: Same thing happened to me

Posted: 2018 Jan 22 12:03:29 PM

Posted: 2017/11/14

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