Taken last Sunday. The weather is so much different at the moment !


silvia80: wow so lovely 😊😊

Posted: 2017 Dec 3 12:02:18 PM

stefpics2: Thank you very much :)

Posted: 2017 Dec 3 5:23:03 PM

robert m jacob: love the golden hour colours ,nice capture.

Posted: 2017 Dec 3 3:14:34 PM

stefpics2: Thank you kindly :)

Posted: 2017 Dec 3 5:23:47 PM

charmychelle: The warmth that this image gives out is very welcome at the moment! 😁 Beautiful shot! β˜€οΈπŸ‘πŸ‘

Posted: 2017 Dec 3 6:09:47 PM

stefpics2: Thank you, Charmy. It's more than welcome at the moment. All we get is rain nowadays

Posted: 2017 Dec 3 8:35:03 PM

mariacarmen: It's so warm and very calm, πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘Œit's perfect !!, thanks for this scene, we do not have sun for the moment😐

Posted: 2017 Dec 3 6:15:45 PM

stefpics2: Same here. Nothing but rain ! :(

Posted: 2017 Dec 3 8:33:59 PM

jerry0522: Looks like a great park and sunset!!! I only see sunsets in my rear view mirror as I'm driving home from work Haha

Posted: 2017 Dec 7 7:55:23 PM

stefpics2: Sunsets are always gone by the time I get home too. This was taken on the same day as the photo of the marina. Couldn't have ended better ! :)

Posted: 2017 Dec 8 7:07:20 PM

Posted: 2017/12/03

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