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_marisol: Hello Ali. Fantastic series of wonderful sky pics from your beautiful country. Love them. Hey, you recommended me Kish island and I can see there are some other islands as well, near the Iranian coast, like Hendorabi, Lavan, Siri (there´s an airport), Farur, Abu Musa etc...what do know about these islands, are they safe for holiday? How about the peninsula, on the strait of Hormuz, I don´t know its name but there´s places called Kumza, Seebi Islands, Jazirat Sibi etc. Is it on the UAE area? In some maps there´s a border like it were Iranian territory. Tell me, what´s the truth? Is it yours area or UAE´s? I probaly visit UAE at some point but not in the near future. But if I travel, let´s meet on Kish Island haha...sorry, forgot that you don´t go out of your apartment hahah! 😁 It´s Friday, your holyday. But I wish you a great weekend! Take care of yourself and your family. جمعه خوبی برای شما!

Posted: 2017 Dec 15 2:46:14 PM

alibhg: Hi my dear friend🙋 Thank you so much Marisol I used your great suggestion that you said I use adobe on phone to edit the pics 😉 so I have to thank you for that if you wouldn't tell me then I had to post them raw and not that much eye-catching 😂 Well yeah not some they are alot😂 some of them are small that no one live in them and some of them are for military and defense purpose you know that Saudi Arabia is stupid enough that no one can trust them 😂 and if you search Persian gulf in any language in Wikipedia its same name "Persian gulf" but just in Arabic language Wikipedia say it "Arabic gulf" 😂 hahahah Saudi money has effect 😂 Well you know I suggested the Kish and Iranian islands because the ecosystem of them are alive not as Dubai there are under water waves around Iran beaches and specially around Kish and it has very transparent and fresh water around it and it has many old fascinating building and architecture and also the coral parts around the island is very famous that Kish is the most famous island of Iran but in Dubai or abu Dhabi the ecosystem is fake and its just the modern building and malls 😂 so both should be visited Oh sure I will try to give suggestion but really I dont have that knowledge even myself haven't got the chance to visit kid or qeshm But surely I suggest Kish and qeshm , qeshm has great old architectures and styles and great places for you to take long exposures at night There are many island btw as I said and actually most of them are close to those two Kish and qeshm that they can be visited in one day

Posted: 2018 Mar 8 7:27:43 AM
alibhg: Sorry tho really I dont know about other Islands that much to help About that Islam , sibi island look to be near Philippines btw 😂 but you are right about kumza ( actually kumzar ) its part of Oman and its located on straight of hormuz and its almost exactly down of Kish but its part of Oman not Iran and its very small village and not that much people live in it, that part umm its kinda a combination of Persian and Arabic culture and language but more Persian 😊 and because in past Portuguese and British people were there )for colonialism 😂) there are people who speak those two languages too Kumzar is actually Islam its only road to Oman is by boat 😊 Oh hahahaha 😂 if you ever wanted to visit Kish ill be happy to come to visit you dear im lazy but nit this much 😂😂 Sorry for so late replay 😅 Thank you so much dear Marisol for your wish and kindness Wish you always have great happy time with your family dear friend 🙋😚

Posted: 2018 Mar 8 7:28:49 AM

_fredy: HAPPY NEW YEAR 2018🎄🎊🎁🎆ALI!!! 😎

Posted: 2018 Jan 1 2:03:07 PM

alibhg: Hi fredy 🙋 well its late to say happy new year 😂 but not late to say happy march!😅 thank you so much for remembering me fredy 😚❤

Posted: 2018 Mar 8 7:29:59 AM

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