For all graffiti lovers who are very few😁 Hehe, this is for you, this art I found near my house, and represents the area where I live, as some know, I live on the top and south of the Mexico city surrounded by hills, train tracks and a large ecological park, hope you like it🎨.. Friends who have a great start to the week, as always wishing them much joy 🙌and color to their hearts💗 .. #street art #street photography


gary22: magic love all forms of art.👍💋

Posted: 2017 Dec 11 2:46:13 PM

mariacarmen: Thanks for appreciate this Mexican art🎨🌵

Posted: 2017 Dec 13 1:14:54 AM

bigfarmer: WOW Mariacarmen! That is an awesome shot! The colors that boy is wearing just perfectly fit that fantastic grafitti!!

Posted: 2017 Dec 11 3:22:20 PM

mariacarmen: Ohh, you noticed that😁👌, haha, it seems that you were the only one who noticed it, I had not realized until I edited the image, I loved more 😊thanks my friend 👍👍

Posted: 2017 Dec 20 4:49:42 AM

dylan $$: Choo-chooooo 😁 il México è il posto più bello del mondo!!!. Mi da gusto!! 😎😍😍💘💟💋

Posted: 2017 Dec 11 3:30:12 PM

mariacarmen: Choo-chooooo 🚂🙋We have arrived in Mexico😁Felice che ti piaccia il mio paese, sarai un grande messicano😘😉.. Grazie core😍

Posted: 2017 Dec 20 4:56:28 AM

abats3: Wow! I love street ART, not those junkie territorial tags but this is so cool! All that color and how hard that must be. You have a nice week too!

Posted: 2017 Dec 11 4:57:09 PM

mariacarmen: Really?? 😁👍Yes, I do not like those horrible traces that paint everywhere, I wish people could be aware of it, and that somehow you can do something great fearing good intentions, this graffiti is extremely colorful, motorists are distracted to see it, hehe😂

Posted: 2017 Dec 20 1:47:26 PM
mariacarmen: Thanks to support the art, my friend, have a good Wednesday, musician 🎨👋😎

Posted: 2017 Dec 20 1:48:46 PM

hogman72664 or david: super colourful art. When graffiti is that good it becomes more than just graffiti. Have a great week as well.

Posted: 2017 Dec 11 5:26:39 PM

mariacarmen: David, I noticed that you find incredible graffiti in, Folkestone👌 for me it's interesting the kind of art that there is in each place, like the colors, the drawing, the message, Aww, I love art in the streets🙌, it's wonderful that people express their way of thinking, no?... Thank you, for appreciate the Mexican art👋😁🎨

Posted: 2017 Dec 20 1:53:45 PM
mariacarmen: My dear friend how is the recovery of your wife, by the way what is her name??? .. I wish with all my heart 😊that she feels better every day, a lot of love 💖

Posted: 2017 Dec 20 1:58:24 PM

stefpics2: Very artful ! Love it :)

Posted: 2017 Dec 11 6:51:34 PM

mariacarmen: Hehe, happy you liked, Stef😁thank youuuu!!

Posted: 2017 Dec 20 4:51:24 AM

gloria siess: so festive/ love wall art!!

Posted: 2017 Dec 11 7:21:06 PM

mariacarmen: Yes, very colorful and happy as your images😀, I have seen wonderful graffiti in California, they have a super cool design !!love it,👍 thanks for support the Mexican expression 😊

Posted: 2017 Dec 20 2:12:53 PM

_alessandro_: Amazing street art!👌💞🎨🌶🌵💯

Posted: 2017 Dec 11 8:19:45 PM

mariacarmen: Felice che ti piaccia questa arte messicano🙌 dimmi che ci sono graffiti in Friuli?? , mi piacerebbe vederne uno😀 ..molto grazie buon amico🙋buonasera 👋😎

Posted: 2017 Dec 20 2:37:15 PM
_alessandro_: Ciao Mariacarmen!!! Certo ci sono,... ma così grandi e belli non ne ho mai visti, ma appena ho l'occasione di fotografarli, ti spedisco la foto!👋👋👋

Posted: 2017 Dec 21 12:43:23 AM
mariacarmen: Ohh, mi piacerebbe vederti amico🙌, sono sicuro che è incredibile, grazie Alessandro🙋buonanotte ⭐🌚⭐

Posted: 2017 Dec 21 3:29:28 AM

phil7264: A very beautiful, artistic graffiti, maria😊😍😍

Posted: 2017 Dec 11 9:31:06 PM

mariacarmen: I already knew that you would like this image, hehe😀, there's a lot of color in this street, Mexican art is everywhere🙌, it's an expression of how beautiful my city is, thank you my dear, Phil👋🎅

Posted: 2017 Dec 20 2:19:20 PM

lowgonlowpaw: It looks fantastic darling.😄

Posted: 2017 Dec 11 10:40:40 PM

mariacarmen: Thank you, Mike👍👋I hope to find another, my country is all an art😎hehe

Posted: 2017 Dec 20 2:14:10 PM

stroppirob: Good to see some is keeping traditional Mexican mural art alive🎨😁

Posted: 2017 Dec 11 11:37:39 PM

mariacarmen: Yes, this is Mexico, color, freshness, expression and strength💪you are right the art is alive, happy you like it, friend 😁thank you👋

Posted: 2017 Dec 21 3:33:36 AM

jerry0522: I love graffiti if it is done well and this fits that category :) It also does a good job of representing your home!!!

Posted: 2017 Dec 12 2:19:15 PM

mariacarmen: Hello, friend 🙋Just as you live surrounded by lakes, I live surrounded by some rivers, which sadly are not so beautiful anymore, there are also mountains and ecological parks, this area is very colorful, and free of smog,😜

Posted: 2017 Dec 21 6:10:18 AM
mariacarmen: Happy you like this incredible Mexican art, I appreciate your comment😊👍

Posted: 2017 Dec 21 6:11:01 AM

tthomas311: Thank You for the joy and color!!!!!

Posted: 2017 Dec 12 9:20:45 PM

mariacarmen: Thank you very much 😁✨I hope that color and joy will accompany you during these Christmas holidays🎉🎄🎉

Posted: 2017 Dec 21 3:37:22 AM

frank reynolds nh: your town or city is really colourful. I love it. and I love the people of Mexico. I wish we had no walls. I want both counrtys to share there beauty

Posted: 2017 Dec 13 1:14:03 AM

mariacarmen: You're right Frank, sadly a wall separates us, but the strength and courage of us Mexicans is stronger,💪 I know that my country is going through difficult times, but I think the wall is not the best solution, see a large wall magnitude, does not make us weak, if not the opposite, we have color, joy, hope and desire to fight and desire to get ahead🙌

Posted: 2017 Dec 21 6:21:11 AM
mariacarmen: Friend, I'm glad you're on this side of the wall 😁👍.. Thank you for your support and for appreciating my country, grettings, neighbor👋

Posted: 2017 Dec 21 6:23:21 AM

gary22: The most beautiful piece of Mexican you maria.👍😊❤

Posted: 2017 Dec 13 6:29:18 AM

mariacarmen: Oh friend, thanks for your good words😳, I think my face is now as red as that graffiti train🚂,😅😅 hehe

Posted: 2017 Dec 21 5:35:17 AM

soderhol: Lets jump Maria's train. Will be fun trip.

Posted: 2017 Dec 13 6:40:12 PM

mariacarmen: Hahaha😂😂Come on, friend, be prepared, the train will soon arrive at your house, chu chuuuuu .. next stop Finland😉I hope to find a bit of snow😱

Posted: 2017 Dec 21 5:40:05 AM
mariacarmen: Thanks Hannu, love to read your comments, you are so cool😅 🚂..🚋🙋🚈

Posted: 2017 Dec 21 5:43:28 AM

laura andre: A very fun and colorful adding to my day, thank you Maria 😊❤

Posted: 2017 Dec 14 9:30:44 AM

mariacarmen: Thanks to you sweet Laura👍 for appreciating this Mexican art that embellishes my city ,😀I am glad that your day had to been happy🌈😊🌈

Posted: 2017 Dec 21 5:56:57 AM

mel butcher bitch: So cool

Posted: 2017 Dec 15 10:15:11 AM

mariacarmen: Happy you like this colorful art of my country 😁thank you so much👋

Posted: 2017 Dec 21 5:29:39 AM

_fredy: I never seen the red locomotive,haha - 💃It would be perfect for Santa Claus🎅!!!😃

Posted: 2017 Dec 15 3:17:28 PM

mariacarmen: Attention😎🔉 🔉Mr. Fredy😈 that soon will arrive Santa Claus🎅 to Slovenia, bringing many joy and good humor😁 to their houses😅 are you ready????

Posted: 2017 Dec 21 6:03:07 AM
mariacarmen: Hohoho😂yes my friend, is the chu chuuuuu of Santa👍, thanks for your funny comment 👋😈⤴

Posted: 2017 Dec 21 6:06:34 AM

mel butcher bitch: 😁👌

Posted: 2018 Jan 1 6:56:05 AM

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