Anti-aircraft gun and church tower...hmm. This gun is placed on a high hill in the park. During the Winter War and WW II it protected the city´s harbor from the enemy´s air bombings. Btw, during the war, in FIN women weren´t on the front (with the exception of medical staff, called Lotta Svärd)) but they, among the other things, used these anti-aircraft weapons. I would definitely have needed a bigger focal length for this shot. I had a few lenses with me but didn´t want to change the lens in a dark park in damp weather...the camera sensor may not have liked it 🧐


noni1364: Que hermosa foto, que tengas un buena semana 😁😁😁

Posted: 2017 Dec 12 9:26:50 PM

_marisol: Este cañon derribó a los destructores enemigos en el agua del puerto, sopotocientos aviones fueron levantados de la piscina del puerto después de la guerra. Gracias amigo! Pasa una buena semana también! 😁

Posted: 2017 Dec 13 4:50:14 AM

bigfarmer: Looks very much like the 88mm gun (almost 100% sure it is) which was an extremely effective weapon. Beautiful shot, which also reminds me vaguely of a scene from a Kate Bush videoclip "Cloud busters" with Donald Sutherland in it. Thanks for sharing Mari!!

Posted: 2017 Dec 12 10:09:00 PM

clarioncall: Could be a Bofors 76mm. The Finns bought some of them from Sweden.

Posted: 2017 Dec 13 8:16:10 AM
_marisol: You obviously know the cannons, are you an enthusiast or do you read the war history as I do? It´s indeed a 88mm (88X571mmR). It´s a German made Flak 37 (made by Krupp and Rheinmetall). This cannon was able to shoot a fragmentation grenade at a height of 6.5 km, then it exploded and the fragments were able to destroy an enemy aircraft up to 120 meters away. That grenade weighed 8 kg. This one was left as a memorial but in the whole city area there were more than 30 anti-aircraft guns. You may wonder why I know so much of these things. Well, back in the 30´s and 40´s this nation was in danger of being lost forever. Uncle-Joe has plans for us, massive transfer to Siberia and re-population with the Russian but Stalin forgot one thing, you can´t beat Finnish soldiers in the forest.

Posted: 2017 Dec 13 12:51:28 PM
_marisol: Sweden did´t sell any Bofors cannon officially, they feared Russians in the event that FIN would lose the war and that´s quite understandable. Unofficially, they supplied some cannons but in a quantitative manner it was a fairly small amount.

Posted: 2017 Dec 13 1:00:49 PM
_marisol: Anyway, my hubby´s friend is a cop and mainly they use the Glock 17. From time to time I go to the shooting range with my hubby and his friend. Not sure how to describe the feeling when you squeeze the trigger...takes away stress! But I´m not a gun lover, I´ve seen too many times what weapons cause to human body. It´s about the guns should be held by decent people. And I love Kate Bush! Wuthering Heights is one of the best song ever! A bit long reply, but I had no choice but to reply properly. Thanks Daniël 😉

Posted: 2017 Dec 13 1:01:06 PM

frank reynolds nh: the color is amazing

Posted: 2017 Dec 13 1:06:43 AM

_marisol: I like how the city lights are reflected in the clouds. This might also look nice with the starry sky but it´s impossible for light pollution. Thank you 😊

Posted: 2017 Dec 13 1:09:42 PM

ttomzz: ...waaaa waaa waaa, stop complaining!!! hehe, damnit Lady M... that is one fine shot...🎈😎

Posted: 2017 Dec 13 2:57:47 AM

_marisol: Haha...waaa waaa, in FIN we say that 'vali vali vali', it´s the abbreviation of the word 'complain' 😀 Ok, Sir Tom! I´ll try not to complain too much in the future...but I will NOT give it a guarantee! You better face it or I´ll start complaining even more haha! You know that cannon? It´s a German made Flak 37, caliber 88mm, It was able to shoot a fragile grenade at a height of 4 miles, then it exploded and spread the fragments within a 130 yards radius. A very effective cannon at that time. Thnxx!! 🛩

Posted: 2017 Dec 13 1:32:34 PM

hogman72664 or david: Great shot and fascinating info. Couldn't ask for more. Superb :):)

Posted: 2017 Dec 13 4:21:19 AM

_marisol: There are a few English-style parks in this city, geometric shrubs you well know. Summertime this town is absolutely fantastic. The city centre is located on the island, and there are numerous small islands in the vicinity of the coast and for most of them there´s a ferry connection. It´s just great to jump on a ferry and go to some small island that is devoted exclusively to outdoor activities. If you wanna read more info, check out my reply to Daniël. Thank you David :):)

Posted: 2017 Dec 13 4:04:57 PM
hogman72664 or david: Great detailed info, although I have to say I hate guns. I have had a go at a rifle range, but like Edward G Robinson I blink every time I squeeze the trigger. I do love islands though and this one sounds fascinating. :):)

Posted: 2017 Dec 13 4:20:16 PM
_marisol: I completely understand your point, if I were idealistic, I´d say that the world without guns would definitely be a better place, know, human nature. If you ask me, we´ll never get such a situation that there would be no guns in the world. Thru human history we have lived with guns. Sometimes I dream that all countries together would make an agreement, no country would threaten another country...say for five years. Imagine how much the whole world would save the defense budget! But I know it´s just a dream...maybe I should be the president of the whole world haha...then I would make great changes. Thanks David and have a great day :):)

Posted: 2017 Dec 14 5:29:58 AM

rud15662864: Awesome silhouette for the gun!!!

Posted: 2017 Dec 13 5:05:34 AM

_marisol: Yes, looks great against that lights reflected in the clouds. In case you´re interested, more info about that gun in the comments to which I have replied on this page. Thank you!

Posted: 2017 Dec 13 4:11:02 PM

lowgonlowpaw: Its a great picture of a very sad time in history.

Posted: 2017 Dec 13 4:54:42 PM

_marisol: Yes, back in the 30´s and 40´s this country was in great danger. As for the Winter War that lasted 105 days, they were fighting in terrible circu.mstances, that winter was exceptionally, the temp was occasionally -43. Stalin sent divisions from the south Russia and soldiers had battle costumes that were meant for summer...oh boy, the frost killed them like flies. Pretty much the same happened to Napoleon and Germans when they were in Russia. A peace agreement was concluded after 105 days. Stalin was scared because France and England had threatened to send troops thru the Barents Sea out of the Russians back. I´m thankful for the UK and France for this, it helped to end the war plus Stalin released he got a lesson. We know well our forests and we managed to combat the occupation of the country despite the 12-fold superiority of the Russians. Thanks mate!

Posted: 2017 Dec 14 5:55:56 AM

soderhol: Ready to shoot....

Posted: 2017 Dec 13 6:29:22 PM

_marisol: Mä luulen että no can do...muuten, alkuperäinen tykki sai täysosuman venäläisen hävittäjän pommikuormasta ja tuhoitui ja 10 sotilasta kaatui. Toinen kanuuna tuotiin kiireesti paikalle sillä Kotka oli sotien aikana Suomen pommitetuin kaupunki johtuen rautateistä ja satamista. On vaikuttava kokemus seistä tuossa tykin vieressä kun arvostan suuresti tuon ajan ihmisiä ja veteraaneja...vaikka sitä ei oikeen voi enää edes ääneen sanoa, niin polarisoitunut tää maa on mikä tavattoman surullista :(

Posted: 2017 Dec 14 6:12:32 AM

bigfarmer: Glad with your extensive reply Mari. I am very interested in history and in particular WWII, because it still has such a big influence on the World. I am even more interested in personal stories from that area, whatever side these people were on. Did you know that the marksman with the most confirmed shots was a Finnish guy? (can't) remember his name right now. I like guns but only for the same reason that you do. During national service I was able to shoot targets at 600m with iron sights. Haven't handled a gun in years but use the technique for shooting pictures :-)

Posted: 2017 Dec 13 7:05:36 PM

_marisol: Well, we have quite a lot in common, we both are interested in history, me not just about war history but history in general, architecture, old cars...lenses! Also the personal stories of the war time fascinate me. But as you know, history has always written by the winner, sometimes you need to read between the lines. Sure I know that marksman, his name is Simo Häyhä, 1905-2002. He was on the front only 3 months but yet he managed to kill 542 enemies! The rifle he used was an early production model of Sako M/28-30, 7.62x54R, so called 'Pystykorva', impossible to translate, but it was a Finnish made rifle.

Posted: 2017 Dec 14 7:42:00 AM
_marisol: He never used a telescopic sight as its glass gets frost in the cold and reflects the light, revealing the location to the enemy. The Russians called him 'belaja smert', White Death (Finns used white uniform for camouflage in winter time). Robert Brantberg who is specialized in was history has written a book of Simo Häyhä, in the case you wanna read about him in English, or hopefully in Dutch. My best result is 87 points of 100 (10 shots) in the shooting range, fired by a Glock 9mm. My hubby´s police friend told me that you should join us hehe, although the FIN police use the gun very rarely, a couple of times a year. Sorry for the long response but couldn´t help myself...these things are so damn interesting! Have a nice day :)

Posted: 2017 Dec 14 7:51:39 AM

jjanner: I love your stories behind the images. Your words and images combine to powerfully captivate and intrigue.

Posted: 2017 Dec 13 11:59:24 PM

_marisol: That´s really nice to hear James ❤ Realmente lo aprecio! Te agradezco muchísima 😜 Btw, it´s frustrating to see a picture that is interesting and then you see a caption that says 'share your thoughts'...dammit, share ur thoughts my a**!! 😁 On the other hand, if the guy who posts the picture and doesn´t wanna say anything, that´s fine with me. You can always ask...though you don´t always get a response that is double frustrating!

Posted: 2017 Dec 14 8:16:38 AM
_marisol: ...muchísimo! My damn phone again!

Posted: 2017 Dec 14 8:18:22 AM

ttomzz: ...your magic comes through even the descriptions of the feel of the trigger!!! I just keep coming back to the image and the light on the steepl, awesome M'lady 😎

Posted: 2017 Dec 14 12:25:29 AM

_marisol: Thank you Sir! Squeezing the trigger is one thing, but I admit I enjoy the feeling it gives me. Takes away all the stress when you focus on the target and the shot. Now I´ll start bragging! My best result in a pistol shooting is 87 points out of a 100, ten shots made of 9mm Glock 17 that belongs to my hubby´s friend who is a cop, I have no gun and never gonna get one. Basically, I don´t like guns but I understand it as a hobby, it´s not my business to judge, who am I to do so? We have very few crimes involving a gun. Appreciate your encouraging words Tom! Sandra is here right next to me and says hello to Uncle-Tom, she also likes a lot your AZ pics. We both send you hugs 💖💖👩‍👧

Posted: 2017 Dec 14 8:37:42 AM

soderhol: Mä voin edelleen sanoa... vihollinen on aina tullut idästä ja jos ei niin se on koukannut... Näin mulle on joskus opetettu.... 😉

Posted: 2017 Dec 14 9:05:20 AM

_marisol: Tottahan se on, ei ne ainakaan sieltä ystävänä tule, ei ole koskaan tullut. suuresti mua huvittaa jotkut taloussanomien lukioiden kommentit joiden mielestä Putinin pitäisi miehittää Suomi koska täällä on talousasiat niin huonosti. siis ne oikeesti luulee että Venäjä muka auttaisi miehittäessään Suomen. Voi vitsi mitä pöljiä... Mut niinhän se on että jos on lusikalla annettu niin turha kauhalla vaatia 😁

Posted: 2017 Dec 17 7:16:17 AM

Posted: 2017/12/12

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