Last night around 7:30pm, we were in a vantage point on the cliff right next to the old harbor railway station. This spot would be great for light trail shots as there´s a 4-lane road right next to the rock (you can see the lights of cars thru the shrubs), but I should have gone over the fence...I may be crazy but not stupid haha, there are a lot of vertical walls in this cliff. But I think I managed to capture a pretty nice night shot. The actual city centre is on the left and it doesn´t appear in this picture, further away there are new residential areas as well as part of the old harbor...and some industrial buildings. 12sec at f7.1 & ISO160, 18mm 📷


stefpics2: I'ld say it's more than pretty nice. And I like the way the carlights form a river of light :)

Posted: 2017 Dec 13 6:01:15 PM

_marisol: Glad you find it more than just a pretty nice shot. I had to hold my horses for those car lights, they would have make a great light trail shot but I forgot my base jump parachute at home hehe...very dangerous cliff behind the fence. Thank you Stef ❤ 🙋

Posted: 2017 Dec 14 7:22:14 PM

gary22: nice pic.👍💋

Posted: 2017 Dec 13 9:30:54 PM

_marisol: Thanks Gary. I adjusted the focus manually and it didn't succeed properly as the depth of field is a bit fuzzy...but will do. Cheers mate 🙋

Posted: 2017 Dec 14 7:26:02 PM

bogi1135: Love your stuff

Posted: 2017 Dec 14 9:33:59 AM

_marisol: That's nice to hear! Appreciate it alot. Thanks!

Posted: 2017 Dec 14 7:27:08 PM

lowgonlowpaw: Its a gorgeous shot marisol, love the twinkling lights in the distance.😉

Posted: 2017 Dec 14 10:58:31 AM

_marisol: As for the lights in the distance, I had to adjust the focus manually because the spot was pitch dark. The focus didn't succeed properly, the depth of field is not the best possible, although I should have closed the aperture a little bit more, like f14. Well, better luck next time 😃

Posted: 2017 Dec 14 7:33:41 PM
_marisol: And thanks so much ❤

Posted: 2017 Dec 14 7:34:12 PM

puma.luca: Ti sei specializzata in foto notturne,la definizione e i colori che riesci ad ottenere sono meravigliosi. La vista é bellissima!! Le stazioni e i treni sono la tua passione. Qui mi piace molto la luce gialla nella ferrovia con le luci e i riflessi di sfondo. Bravissima!

Posted: 2017 Dec 15 1:10:52 AM

mohamed71764: Amazing view

Posted: 2017 Dec 31 10:49:19 AM

Posted: 2017/12/13

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