2nd of three drawings i did recently


chrlze**: WOW 😲 this is great work. Are you a professional? Where can I see more of your work?

Posted: 2018 Jan 5 3:54:03 PM

isa1165: nah not professional just do as art therapy for my recovery from being in a coma n having cancer i just love drawing n sketching

Posted: 2018 Jan 5 9:11:08 PM

chrlze**: One of my interests is producing logos using Adobe Illustrator. I would like to produce a sketch then scan it into illustrator for use in logo.

Posted: 2018 Jan 10 3:47:17 PM

isa1165: Yeah go ahead it all good

Posted: 2018 Jan 11 3:57:52 AM

chrlze**: What type of cancer did you beat?

Posted: 2018 Jan 10 3:48:09 PM

isa1165: I had Stage 2 Brain Cancer

Posted: 2018 Jan 11 3:58:12 AM
isa1165: 13months in remission now but only been out of a coma for 11 months i was on life support for 6.5 weeks from Dec 2016 til Feb 2017

Posted: 2018 Jan 11 3:59:01 AM

chrlze**: You walked through that proverbial valley and made it through. That is a awesome resurrection!

Posted: 2018 Jan 11 12:29:22 PM

isa1165: Ikr thank you im blessed to be alive n i thank god everyday for sparing me I still got too much living to do

Posted: 2018 Jan 11 4:27:40 PM

Posted: 2017/12/13

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