3rd of three drawings i recently did


swesley: sweet..

Posted: 2017 Dec 13 11:23:14 PM

isa1165: thank you i like to think i did a good job lol

Posted: 2017 Dec 14 2:54:29 AM

piggiedart: Your not just beautiful your very talented as well 😘

Posted: 2017 Dec 14 9:32:25 AM

isa1165: lol yeah drawing is huge passion for me i eventually wanna become a tattoo artist

Posted: 2017 Dec 14 10:10:10 PM

swesley: I like it..

Posted: 2017 Dec 14 3:00:27 PM

isa1165: thank you im pretty impressed with the final picture lol

Posted: 2017 Dec 14 10:10:36 PM

swesley: bad ass on a shirt or decal

Posted: 2017 Dec 14 3:13:33 PM

isa1165: agreed it wud look hektik as a design hey bad ass is wat i do lmao

Posted: 2017 Dec 14 10:11:19 PM

piggiedart: You can tattoo me anytime 😍

Posted: 2017 Dec 15 12:11:55 AM

isa1165: lol thanx but im nowhere good enuf yet but thank you

Posted: 2017 Dec 15 9:38:00 AM

bigfarmer: Awesome work Isa. Did you get good news the 19th?

Posted: 2017 Dec 20 6:52:06 AM

isa1165: ohhh hey yes n no ok so didnt need surgery on the 26th which for me is today however my Neurologist rescheduled surgery for the 27th Feb next year so the surgery needs to go ahead but it isnt urgent as he once thought so glad didnt need surgery day after Christmas but still need next year unfortunately

Posted: 2017 Dec 26 8:30:20 AM

bigfarmer: Thanks for letting me know Isa. So reasonably good news then. I'll put it in my agenda. You're in my thoughts and prayers.

Posted: 2017 Dec 26 10:22:02 AM

isa1165: No problem i would have gotton back sooner just busy with Christmas sorry and yeah it good news that its no longer urgent and not o good news that i still need however im a half full type of girl n well it still good news in my opinion and thank you for asking bout me i appreciate it truly xxx

Posted: 2017 Dec 26 10:39:11 AM

Posted: 2017/12/13

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