Parque Nacional de Sierra Nevada, Venezuela. This is for Sir Tom for your awesome Arizona pictures! I´ve really enjoyed them! This was taken 3 years ago when we made a hiking trip to this huge park. Here´s the highest peak in VEN, Pico Bolívar 4978 meters. The park is located in west of the country and is part of the Andean Mountains of VEN. If you wanna ski in VEN, you´ve come to the right place, there are a few ski resorts but yet very few Venezuelans have seen snow as the country is hot like hell! Hope you like this Tom 🙂 Wish everyone a great weekend! ❤ 🙋‍♀️


hogman72664 or david: Super stunning scenery. Looks fabulous. The wildlife is supposed to be fascinating in those parts. I believe there is an endangered mountain cat, it would be the thrill of a lifetime for me to see one. I digress, it is simply fascinating and the heat comes through the image. :-)

Posted: 2017 Dec 16 2:58:08 AM

ttomzz: ...Thank You, M'lady!!! 😎 (just heading to bed, but we'll talk) Good morning, and please tell Lady S. I said Hi...🎈

Posted: 2017 Dec 16 3:44:53 AM

_alessandro_: Buongiorno Mari!!! Che vista mozzafiato!!! Mi piacerebbe davvero provare l'emozione di scalare il Pico Bolivar! 5000 metri non sono uno scherzo, è una montagna altissima! Sono contento che anche a te piaccia camminare, un giorno faremo una bella escursione!!! Buona giornata!!!♥

Posted: 2017 Dec 16 9:22:19 AM

pini72164: Wow..nice place..

Posted: 2017 Dec 16 10:11:01 AM

stefpics2: Never been to VEN, but I can hardly imagine ski resorts there (having written this, I don't mean to imply I don't believe you !) :):)

Posted: 2017 Dec 16 12:47:35 PM

bigfarmer: Oh, how I whish I had a bucket load of money to travel the world! Wonderful vista Mari!!

Posted: 2017 Dec 16 8:41:31 PM

soderhol: Ihan kivat maisemat siellä !

Posted: 2017 Dec 17 9:45:27 AM

ttomzz: ...incredible view, would love to travel around S.America but things are changing SO fast in this country I don't know if I would come back...all we can do is see what comes out of our nutcase of so called leaders!!! Sorry, didn't mean to rant...(and you know that morning glory was for the little Lady S.)

Posted: 2017 Dec 17 11:44:13 PM

mohamed71764: So beautiful

Posted: 2017 Dec 31 10:48:19 AM

Posted: 2017/12/15

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