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charmychelle: Haha this makes me feel a little uneasy...but it's a great shot, love that blue! 👍👍

Posted: 2017 Dec 17 10:33:14 PM

weird with a beard: Yeah I like taking the pictures but I don't go over the edge. That's not for me! Lol

Posted: 2017 Dec 18 12:31:34 AM

_marisol: That could be a thrilling occupation! I love heights so they should hire me, though my salary requirement is not very modest 🤑🤑🤑

Posted: 2017 Dec 17 10:41:16 PM

weird with a beard: Haha we will take care of you. Ill pay you with money, hugs and pats on the back. That combination should be enough compensation

Posted: 2017 Dec 18 12:30:54 AM
_marisol: Naah, what if I do it free...on condition that you're my co-worker and you take care of the highest buildings. I might give you a base jump parachute 😁

Posted: 2017 Dec 18 9:16:28 AM
weird with a beard: Haha I will definitely go up there with you. But only to be your personal photographer and photograph you while you do that amazing work.

Posted: 2018 Jan 3 12:00:19 AM

weird with a beard
Posted: 2017/12/17

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