Merry Christmas to everyone! 🤶 Here´s my Christmas picture hehe...I was supposed to make some nice pic for you but I haven´t had even time to respond the comments in my latest pictures 😟 that always gives me a bad conscience 😕 I´m so relieved that soon this Christmas rush is over! About this picture, it was taken in one of those modern glass/cube towers that you see everywhere thesedays. But sometimes they look pretty cool inside, I especially like the ocean colour windows in the upper floors, geometric lines and the fact that the architect had decided to use wood to decorate the building inside, not just that one piece at the top but there´s plenty of wood in the lobby for interior decoration. I hardly post any pictures at Christmas time, but instead I focus on responding the comments as much as I can. That´s pretty much it, Happy holidays again and spend a nice time with your family 👨‍👩‍👧 (didn´t buy a pony but a Star Master, it might work as a background for home macros so...😀)


demol: Merry Xmas 🎅 too Marisol

Posted: 2017 Dec 23 6:55:49 PM

_marisol: Thank you. Merry Christmas demol 🎄 to you and your loved ones. Have a great time! 🤶💖

Posted: 2017 Dec 24 12:28:55 PM

_alessandro_: Wow!!! Che meraviglia!!! Uno scatto davvero eccezionale!!! Bellissima prospettiva, dettagli e colori!!!😍😍😍👌💯💯💯 Buon Natale anche a te e alla tua meravigliosa famiglia!!!🎄🎁🎀💞

Posted: 2017 Dec 23 8:11:34 PM

_marisol: Grazie tantissimo Alessandro! Sono entrato nell'edificio e tutto era di fronte a me, tutto quello che dovevo fare era prende una foto, era facile questa volta. Auguriamo un serenissimo e caloroso Natale a te e alla tua famiglia! 🎄🤶💖 Saluti speciali da Sandra, lei dice; Feliz Navidad Tió Sandro 😊 Ci sentiamo presto! Un caloroso abbraccio! 👨‍👩‍👧 💛🧡💙

Posted: 2017 Dec 24 12:37:28 PM
_alessandro_: Buon pomeriggio, Mari, un saluto speciale anche a Sandra, Feliz Navidad Sandra!👋👋👋🎅🎁 Spero che hai ricevuto la mia mail. Bon Nadâl dal Friûl!😊

Posted: 2017 Dec 24 12:59:32 PM

ian.underthesea: Merry Christmas Marisol. Thank-you and enjoy :)

Posted: 2017 Dec 23 8:23:39 PM

_marisol: You´re most welcome Ian. Merry Christmas to you and your family. All the best 🙋‍♀️🤶🧡

Posted: 2017 Dec 24 5:08:58 PM

charmychelle: Hyvää joulua rakas ystäväni!! 🎅🎄✨🍷🎉 Have a blessed and peaceful celebration, dear Mari, and I hope that Sandra will be pleased with her gift! 😁 This is another architectural masterpiece of a shot, I absolutely love it and you've satisfied my craving for lines and symmetry again hehe 🤓 Outstanding work, and I also love those ocean colour windows 💙 Que pasas una linda noche, mi pana, besitos para ti y Sandra 💖💖💖

Posted: 2017 Dec 23 8:25:30 PM

_marisol: Hyvää Joulua myös sinulle rakas ystävä! 🤶🎄💖💖 Been a wonderful day, about an hour ago we came back home from my mum´s where we were having a Christmas dinner, Christmas sauna as all Finns do and then, of course, we gave Christmas presents each other. Here we do it at Christmas night, around 17-19, not the next morning as the English-speaking world. Sandra was very exciting the whole, she knew that something very special is going on but she´s a bit too young to figure out the whole picture. However, she was super exciting when she got her gifts, a talking doll with different outfits, soft toy animals and that Star Master I mentioned. It´s pretty cool, creates a starry sky in the room, it´s either b&w or in colours and it spins around making the stars moving like in the real world. Yep, a little long but lovely day. Hope also your Christmas has been wonderful 💙🧡💜 Thanks for your beautiful words! Que tengas una noche serenísima y maravillosa 💖 Te mando un gran paquetote de abrazos querida amiga 💙 Nos vemos más tarde! Ciao! 🙋‍♀️ 🧡

Posted: 2017 Dec 24 8:44:57 PM

mystmr61164: Merry Christmas to you and the family 😊

Posted: 2017 Dec 23 8:26:03 PM

_marisol: Merry Christmas to you and your family. Here Christmas Eve is coming to an end, it´s almost 11pm and we came back home from my mom´s house where we were having a Christmas dinner, gave some gifts to each other (we do it here at Christmas Eve, around 5-7pm). We had a lot of fun together and I hope you´re also having a good time with your loved ones. Thank you Mike! Wish you a very peaceful Christmas 😊 🎄

Posted: 2017 Dec 24 8:56:06 PM

robert m jacob: merry xmas and happy new year

Posted: 2017 Dec 23 9:03:29 PM

_marisol: Thank you Robert! Wish you a serene Christmas with your family. Hope to see before the New Year but just in case Happy New Year to you too! 🙋‍♀️

Posted: 2017 Dec 24 8:59:58 PM Merry Christmas 🎅 Marisol

Posted: 2017 Dec 23 9:31:36 PM

_marisol: Merry Christmas to you too! 🤶

Posted: 2017 Dec 24 9:00:31 PM

tthomas311: Happy Christmas to you!! 🎄🌟💕🕊✨

Posted: 2017 Dec 23 11:46:14 PM

_marisol: Merry Christmas to you too Thomas. It´s 11pm so Christmas Eve is coming to an end. We had a pretty long but wonderful day and the lil one was so exciting when she got her first Christmas presents ever (last Christmas she was only 2 months old). Now it´s to relax. Hope you´re having a wonderful time with your family 👨‍👩‍👧 All the best! 💜

Posted: 2017 Dec 24 9:05:09 PM

kanleyhk: ^_~

Posted: 2017 Dec 24 1:43:45 AM

_marisol: 聖誕節快樂!🤶

Posted: 2017 Dec 24 9:06:27 PM

ednyc74: feliz navidad marisol

Posted: 2017 Dec 24 2:02:01 AM

_marisol: Gracias! Feliz Navidad Ed 🤶

Posted: 2017 Dec 24 9:07:30 PM

defimage2222: Merry Christmas to you my dearest friend.Thankyou for all of your support,encouragement,and friendship.Your an amazing woman Mari .

Posted: 2017 Dec 24 9:04:08 AM

defimage2222: I'LL be wrapping marks Christmas presents tonight and be there for him in the morning.

Posted: 2017 Dec 24 9:05:17 AM
defimage2222: Tomorrow we will be having Christmas dinner round at my brothers house,their will be at least 15 of us sat round the table..,it'll be good for mark.Ta

Posted: 2017 Dec 24 9:07:41 AM
defimage2222: Take good care of yourself and big hugs to you and yours 😊 xx

Posted: 2017 Dec 24 9:08:56 AM
defimage2222: Oh...and by the way..i love the picture..i always do . X .

Posted: 2017 Dec 24 9:10:28 AM
_marisol: Hi Dee. It´s like a Christmas present to hear from you and Mark. We´re just leaving to my mum´s for Christmas dinner, actually my hubby and Sandra are already heading to car but I wanted to send you my Christmas greeting before I leave. Wish you and Mark and your brothers a wonderful Christmas 🎄❤❤ Lots of warm hugs to all of you and take care each other. Merry Christmas my dearest friend 🙋‍♀️🎄❤💙🧡 Oh, and thank you sooooo much! Let´s talk more later. All the best 💖

Posted: 2017 Dec 24 12:53:45 PM

teomax: merry Christmas 🥂🥂🥂🥂🥂🥂🥂🥂🥂🥂🥂🥂🥂🥂

Posted: 2017 Dec 24 10:42:09 AM

_marisol: Grazie mille Teo! Ti auguri una bella serata di Natale 🤶🙋‍♀️💙

Posted: 2017 Dec 25 6:59:37 PM

bigfarmer: Well, greenish, reds and lights...seem pretty much Christmas colors to me Mari! Please say hello to hubby and Sandra!

Posted: 2017 Dec 24 11:33:37 AM

_marisol: Glad you see the picture from that perspective! A day before Christmas Eve I was outside taking the first test shots with my new 100-200 mm lens. I was supposed to take some nice Christmas pic with that lens but my schedule was too tight...once again. But very happy with the lens, makes a beautiful bokeh and also works great as a landscape lens. Hope your Christmas has been gone well so far, we´re having a serene Christmas Day night, just the kind it should be, no hustling. Last year Sandra was only 2 months old so this Christmas has been the 1st real thing for her. You wouldn´t believe how excited she was when she got her gifts! Thank you and have a calm Christmas evening ❄

Posted: 2017 Dec 25 7:23:01 PM

hogman72664 or david: Stunning and so seasonal😂 . I love it anyway and wish you and your family a.very Merry Christmas 🎅🏻.

Posted: 2017 Dec 24 1:19:38 PM

_marisol: Hi David. Sorry if I haven´t yet wished you a Merry Christmas...I´m not sure if I have, but first, glad you like the image, thanks so much! My Christmas has been unforgettable. Last year Sandra was far too young (2 months) to realize anything about Christmas, but this year she´s been soooo excited and extremely happy and seeing it when she got her first Christmas presents ever, that was a special moment for me...had to hold my tears. Hope you had a happy Christmas Eve my dear friend! 🤶 Wish you and your family a wonderful and peaceful Christmas Day night! 🎄❄🎁 💙

Posted: 2017 Dec 25 9:10:32 PM

the rock74: Merry Christmas Marisol🎅🎄 ti auguro di trascorrere uno splendido Natale a te e famiglia ....ciao 🙋

Posted: 2017 Dec 24 1:57:15 PM

_marisol: Grazie! Ho avuto una bellissima vigilia di Natale 🤶 Buon Natale anche a te e alla tua famiglia amico! 💙

Posted: 2017 Dec 25 9:13:50 PM

puma.luca: Adoro la simmetria di questa foto, i riflessi ,le sfumature di azzurro, il vetro, il metallo, la struttura in elevazione, l'architettura, l' ingegneria e tutta la manodopera che c'è stata. Ritornando al discorso del ladro sei stata molto coraggiosa perché non sai come avrebbe potuto reagire e anche fortunata ad aver ritrovato la tua borsa. Sono felice che si sia concluso tutto bene. Per il Natale sono a pranzo con la mia famiglia, la stagione é bella e nell' insieme si crea un bel quadro. Auguro buone feste e Buon Natale a te, Sandra, tuo marito e a tutta la tua famiglia. Auguri Mari!

Posted: 2017 Dec 24 2:21:44 PM

_marisol: Ciao mi amico! Scusa! Non ho avuto l'opportunità di augurarti un Buon Natale...ay ay una brutta coszienza 😬 ma sono molto felice che ti piaccia la foto, hai ragione, è molto simmetrico e ha un sacco di vetro. Si, è vero che non potevo sapere come avrebbe reagito il ladro, quel momento non mi importava, c'erano molte persone lì...e non era niente in confronto a quando sono stato derubato da una pistola sei anni fa a MAR, ma è storia...non ero ferito e tutto è andato bene, ho perso solo venti euro. Ritornando a questo giorno, spero che la tua vigilia di Natale sia andata bene e felicemente con la tua famiglia! 🎁🎄Ho avuto una meravigliosa vigilia di Natale! Quando ho visto quanto fosse eccitata la piccola Sandra, è stato difficile trattenere le mie lacrime, le lacrime di gioia! Ti auguro un meraviglioso e serenissimo Santo Stefano!! ❄❄💙

Posted: 2017 Dec 25 10:00:52 PM

stefpics2: Hyvää joulua ! :)

Posted: 2017 Dec 24 3:04:45 PM

_marisol: No mutta Stef...Oikein Hyvää Joulua myös sinulle rakas ystävä! :-)

Posted: 2017 Dec 25 10:01:55 PM

buzohippo: Merry Christmas my dear kind and very beautiful friend, Marisol! Your photos and stories are real pleasure! May next year be good for you and your family. 💙💛💙🌲🎁🌲

Posted: 2017 Dec 24 10:22:01 PM

_marisol: Thank you dear friend. Truly sorry that I didn´t have time to respond to this at Christmas time but I think it´s not yet too late to wish you and your beautiful family a Happy New Year! 💙💙💙 (btw, love your new profile pic:)

Posted: 2018 Jan 14 7:54:24 AM

ttomzz: ...wishing YOU and your family a very Merry Christmas, M'lady!!! 🎄🎁🎅😎

Posted: 2017 Dec 25 12:36:29 AM

_marisol: Thanks Sir Tom. Well...Christmas is history...until it arrives again at the end of this year. But! It´s not too late to wish a Happy New Year! May this year be (much) more peaceful compared to a few recent years...damned, to the last 100 years...oh no, the history of all humanity. Depressing, yes. But we can´t stop believing we can change things, if we do it, we´ve lost!! But hey, spend the most relaxing & lazy Sunday! (and sorry for the late reply) 💙💛💙

Posted: 2018 Jan 14 8:08:38 AM

_fredy: 🎅Feliz🔔Navidad 🎅 Marisol💖 & 🎅Vesel 🔔 Božič 🎅 all your family💖💕💞

Posted: 2017 Dec 25 1:50:23 AM

_marisol: Thank you so much Fredy! My Christmas was so wonderful and unforgettable. To see how lil Sandra got her first presents, traditional Christmas sauna, dinner and all that...a year ago Sandra was way too young to realize what´s going on but now she was sooooo super excited! My heart was crying for happiness while watching her joy and excitement. I will never forget this particular Christmas! Prezivite mirno nedeljo 💙💛💙

Posted: 2018 Jan 14 8:18:46 AM

ruchita_b_: Merry Christmas 🎄😊

Posted: 2017 Dec 25 4:43:27 AM

_marisol: Here comes the belated wishes...but better late than never. Hope your Christmas went well and so Happy New Year to you ruchita 💙💛💙

Posted: 2018 Jan 14 8:22:18 AM

_alessandro_: Feliz Navidad  Prospero Ano y Felicidad!!!!💓

Posted: 2017 Dec 25 8:15:16 AM

_alessandro_: Buongiorno!!! Speriamo che abbiate trascorso un sereno Natale! Le previsioni per oggi, dicono che potrebbe nevicare nel pomeriggio a Helsinki! Fammi sapere!😁 Buona giornata!!!😘

Posted: 2017 Dec 26 11:46:35 AM

laura andre: Merry christmas to you as well Marisol 😁 Don't feel bad, we all get busy, especially around the holidays 😜 It's a great picture Marisol, the colors are absolutely amazing!

Posted: 2017 Dec 26 10:51:23 AM

puma.luca: La felicità della piccola Sandra, di fronte alla magia del Natale, ha generato molte emozioni negli adulti . É questa la cosa bella.... gli adulti sono contenti nel vedere i bimbi felici. Io ho trascorso dei bellissimi giorni, mi sono riposato tanto, ho mangiato tante cose buone e domani ritorno al lavoro. Ogni tanto ci vuole qualche giorno di pausa per rigenerare noi stessi. Buone feste Marisol!!😊

Posted: 2017 Dec 26 10:36:50 PM

jerry0522: Merry Christmas Mari, sorry for the late reply...seems we all get a bit busy at the holidays...or for that matter any time of the year. I just started catching up on my older post yesterday and hope to finish up today. Then I need to respond back to this wonderful women who wrote me this amazing email hahaha Can you guess who that might be :D Isn't this Sandra's first Christmas? Ahh the memories of having young children at Christmas time. It makes it an even more special time than it already is. Anyhow I wish you and your entire family the best holiday season ever!!! Love your work :)

Posted: 2017 Dec 28 11:12:13 AM

_alessandro_: Colgo l'occasione per farti gli auguri di Buon Anno! Che il 2018 sia per te e la tua famiglia, un anno ricco di soddisfazioni, salute e prosperità! Buon Anno Amica mia!🎉💹🎆🎊 So che sei molto impegnata non preoccuparti se non ci sentiamo per un po'.😘💓 Al prossimo anno! Ciaooo!!!

Posted: 2017 Dec 29 10:12:55 PM

_marisol: Ti ringrazio tantissimo caro amico! Auguriamo a te e alle tua bellissima famiglia un felice anno nuovo! 🎇🎆🎊 Abbiamo fatto una bella festa, la pasamos muy bien 😜🎇

Posted: 2018 Jan 13 11:19:57 PM

_fredy: Little..🙊yes...just little🙉...really just little🙈...I miss you🐒...but don't worry,I don't die..😜 At the end of this year, I would only like to thank you for all your precious time, which you gave me. That you opened the door to your beautiful heart💖. Thank you for all the warmth💝you gave me through your pictures and comments. You are an exceptional woman. I am sure that you are a great💓mom Sandra and a fantastic wife💕😈💓 to your husband. Stay still so magnificent. Thank you for your exceptional friendship🙏. In the future, I want you and all your family a lot of health, joy, success and love ❤❤❤ !!! ⛄HAPPY ❄ NEW 🎄 YEAR ❄ 2018⛄

Posted: 2017 Dec 31 10:16:37 PM

jj*: Hola dearest Mari...hopefully you enjoyed your Christmas time?..well, I missed out on most of your year 2017 posts..but I'm always trying to catch up with you, even if you won't hear from me.:-)..I moved into a new appartement & neighborhood some months ago and I'm mostly busy there making this my new "home"..therefore I'm really low on social networking,etc....yet, I'm looking forward to come back soon & upload some new (old) pics :-) haha...thank you for sharing your talent & friendship also this year...and I wish you & yours a happy and healthy NEW YEAR 2018!! Cheers & Seeya, JJ <3

Posted: 2018 Jan 2 3:54:26 PM

_alessandro_: Ciao Mari!!! Mi manchi tantissimo! Sarebbe bello sapere che stai bene!!! Ti auguro tutto il bene del mondo!!!💞

Posted: 2018 Jan 12 6:49:39 PM

_marisol: Mi manchi anche tu! Ho dovuto riposare per npo' ma ora sono tornato. Il mio amico verrà a casa mia domani alle 14:00, e poi andremo in città. Proverò a scriverti prima che io e il mio amico andiamo in città, ok? Y si, tutto bene! Spero che anche tu stia bene! Mi sento come se fossi il dormiglione 😴😴💤🛏 Vado a letto, auguro dolce notte 🌙 Ci vediamo domani ❤ (che elegante foto profilo! Mi piace parecchio!) Ciaooo!!!!

Posted: 2018 Jan 13 11:08:29 PM
_alessandro_: Buongiorno!!! Come estas? 😀 Oggi porto mio figlio a fare la prima guida, sono un po' teso e spero che vada tutto bene! Ti auguro buona luce, per prwndere tante belle foto!!! Buona Domenica, cara amica!!!👋👋👋😘

Posted: 2018 Jan 14 7:44:58 AM

Posted: 2017/12/23

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