I'LL just stand in the shadow...,and wait ! X ...,


kyle1337: Hello dee! Great photo! How are you doing?

Posted: 2017 Dec 27 1:26:30 AM

defimage2222: I'M ok legend,,,, just knocking out some old images done back in the day..,trying to keep my spirits up m8..,😊

Posted: 2017 Dec 27 2:06:53 AM

defimage2222: Really want to get to grips with some new stuff...,but I've got to be patient...,Thankyou for asking sir πŸ‘..:)

Posted: 2017 Dec 27 2:09:02 AM

sabina 32764: Why...😞😞😞

Posted: 2017 Dec 27 2:57:24 AM

defimage2222: Paula,my wife and friend passed away on the 2nd of December,just gone...,I miss her so much...,πŸ˜‡ x

Posted: 2017 Dec 27 4:20:31 AM

mariacarmen: Wou, DeeπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘, this image seems From the 40's, You look like a mysterious detectiveπŸ”πŸ˜ŽπŸš¬ hehe, the effect makes it look dramatic, I love this kind of images where you are the protagonist !! πŸ˜‰Well done friend πŸ‘

Posted: 2017 Dec 27 3:34:02 AM

defimage2222: Haha...yeah..,you are right Maria....,never thought I'd post this image..,

Posted: 2017 Dec 27 4:22:27 AM
defimage2222: But I know you understand....,it's gonna take a while before mark and me get back on track 😐 xx

Posted: 2017 Dec 27 4:24:28 AM

charmychelle: We’ll be right here for you when you’re ready to step into the light. πŸ˜‰ Great image Dee, you and Mark Anthony are always in my thoughts.. xxx ❀️

Posted: 2017 Dec 27 3:35:23 AM

defimage2222: Hey charmy ...,I'm getting there..,it's just all the bloody paper work and red tape..,once things have settled down..I'll get chance to grieve..,

Posted: 2017 Dec 29 9:49:21 PM
defimage2222: Mark is priority..,and his routine is paramount..,regarding his social life,friends,and routine

Posted: 2017 Dec 29 9:50:50 PM
defimage2222: Means so much to him..,his autistic nature commands stability...,which i know I can provide..,bless him..,πŸ‘ xx

Posted: 2017 Dec 29 9:52:54 PM

mariacarmen: Courage friendπŸ™‹ I know it is not easy, the (pain) is not eternal, believe me πŸ˜‰

Posted: 2017 Dec 27 4:45:52 AM

defimage2222: Maria you are a true blessing..,your culture provides a positive outlook on life,death and spirit..,and it's a great comfort.Thankyou xx

Posted: 2017 Dec 29 9:55:36 PM

sabina 32764: Oh.... M really sorry..... πŸ™

Posted: 2017 Dec 27 8:16:39 AM

defimage2222: IT'S ok Sabina...,we all have to face times like this..,in the meantime...be happy 😊 and enjoy life 😎 xx

Posted: 2017 Dec 29 9:57:23 PM
sabina 32764: I just wish these types of pain do not have to face to anybody. I just hate them..

Posted: 2017 Dec 30 2:02:33 AM

jerry0522: Thats OK. we know you are there and we will wait patiently :)

Posted: 2017 Dec 27 12:48:48 PM

defimage2222: I know you will Jerry..,no matter how bonkers this site has become recently...,hehe..,I've been talking note πŸ“πŸ˜Ž

Posted: 2017 Dec 29 9:59:09 PM

stefpics2: Hi there, Dee. How are you ?

Posted: 2017 Dec 27 6:17:58 PM

defimage2222: I'M ok stef..,I've got to be..,although there's no other way to cut it..,it's been fucking shite...,

Posted: 2017 Dec 29 10:03:03 PM
defimage2222: But I'm working through it stef...,and things will eventually settle down..,and new horizon's will appear 😎

Posted: 2017 Dec 29 10:04:37 PM

_alessandro_: I love this photo and its light! You are a strong man and able to look forward to the light! A hug!

Posted: 2017 Dec 27 7:09:45 PM

defimage2222: This is even more of an old image Alessandro..,well before I met Paula..,I'm stood in front of an old cabinet...,

Posted: 2017 Dec 29 10:07:17 PM
defimage2222: Which was made from drift wood from the sea..,used to belong to a Welshman #artist 🎨..,and was passed on to me..,

Posted: 2017 Dec 29 10:09:06 PM
defimage2222: One of these days I'll drag it out and get a better picture of it...,because it's a work of art in itself 😊

Posted: 2017 Dec 29 10:10:29 PM

sabina 32764: R u ok..... ????

Posted: 2017 Dec 28 5:36:14 PM

defimage2222: I'M fine Sabina...thankyou for asking...,just been through a rough time recently..,but I'll be ok πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜Š Xx

Posted: 2017 Dec 29 10:12:18 PM
sabina 32764: Yeah..... Plz b ok...... 😍😊😊😊

Posted: 2017 Dec 30 2:00:24 AM

_alessandro_: Dear friend, I wish you a new year, better than the one spent! Whether you and Mark, you can find the serenity you deserve so much! A big hug and I send you so much love from Italy!!! πŸ’“

Posted: 2017 Dec 29 9:32:31 PM

defimage2222: Thankyou Alex...wish you a great new year ahead too..,things will work out my friend...big hugs back to you too 😊❀

Posted: 2017 Dec 29 10:13:58 PM

ttomzz: ...wishing you both a peaceful and loving New Years, my friend!!! 😡😎

Posted: 2017 Dec 29 10:09:12 PM

defimage2222: You too ttomzz...,keep posting pictures of your incredible landscapes and pict's..,I just find everything totally fascinating..,all the best 😊

Posted: 2017 Dec 29 10:16:22 PM

Posted: 2017/12/27

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