This will be my last picture for 2017...,I paused for a moment to take this shot looking up valley road,to the chapel of rest off in the distance on the right hand side,to take a deep breath before collecting my Paula's remains...,She will finally be layed to rest in a cemetery to the place she was born.Bacup ,Lancashire.Time moves on,a new year on the horizon,and peacefully we will cherish and embrace the future and the present πŸ“¦ Happy new year to all on fotoroom.God bless you all 😊 xx.


jerry0522: Happy New Year Dee...I'm keeping you and Mark in my prayers as we head into the new year my friend!!!

Posted: 2017 Dec 31 3:08:13 PM

stroppirob: It strange to wish you happy New year when this evening won't be for you, but i hope 2018 will be a time to contemplate and ease your sorrow. Remember we all think you are an amazing person and a good man. All the best 😊

Posted: 2017 Dec 31 3:17:54 PM

buzohippo: Dee, I wish you peace in your heart and soul. Happy New Year! Can you believe we have snow! β„οΈβ˜ƒοΈβ„οΈ With love from our family!

Posted: 2017 Dec 31 3:51:12 PM

charmychelle: Thank you Dee, love and light to you and Mark Anthony ❀️❀️❀️ Hoping you find peace and comfort, you are a wonderful person who deserves the very best πŸ’– Happy New Year my friend ✨⭐️✨ This is a beautiful image and edit. xxx

Posted: 2017 Dec 31 4:04:31 PM

stefpics2: Bless you, Dee. Stay strong my friend

Posted: 2017 Dec 31 4:11:57 PM

cameraal: Peace to you my friend!

Posted: 2017 Dec 31 4:42:32 PM

sabina 32764: Thank u n same to you ....... Wish u a happy life with beautiful memories, hope you will never b sad, move on with beautiful memories, good health....

Posted: 2017 Dec 31 5:22:13 PM

mariacarmen: You are on the right path, FriendπŸ‘ .. The year 2018 will bring you peace, reflection and comfort, there will no longer be tears just joys😊, you and Mark have a big heart, and I am sure that happiness is to come, Blessings for 2018β€πŸ‘Όβ€

Posted: 2017 Dec 31 6:48:49 PM

_alessandro_: Thank you Dee!!! All the best for you and Mark!πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“

Posted: 2017 Dec 31 10:14:31 PM

_fredy: Thanks Dee!!! You are wonderful person - inside your body have a great warm hart and rich soul and like Maria say, your happiness is to come...❀😎

Posted: 2017 Dec 31 10:31:43 PM

kanleyhk: Happy New Year and God bless you too! ^^

Posted: 2018 Jan 1 12:28:31 AM

hogman72664 or david: Thank you Dee, and may you and Mark go from strength to strength, collecting happy memories and holding on to those dear memories passed. All the best to you both for the new year.

Posted: 2018 Jan 1 12:52:09 AM

tthomas311: Wishing you peace, and the comfort of good memories, in your year ahead. 🌱

Posted: 2018 Jan 1 2:09:22 AM

jj*: Much strength Dee..and I wish you both a happy & healthy NEW YEAR 2018!! Cheers, JJ X

Posted: 2018 Jan 2 1:51:23 PM

puma.luca: This shot seems to me an old photo, the framing and the sepia tone remind me of something I can not explain. I love this shot, it seems you have stopped the time.

Posted: 2018 Jan 7 11:41:19 PM

Posted: 2017/12/31

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